Sunday, May 30, 2010



Steve Miller said...

Brother Paul,

Thanks for the poignant and very appropriate photos to honor Memorial Day. I must apologize for being absent in my following your blog the past few months. Much happening with my father in Tulsa, but could not stay away too long. This day is very special in many ways but none more so than to remember my best friend who died on active duty in a fighter plane crash. He is buried in San Antonio. Each year I honor his memory. Not only for his sacrifice of full measure but because of the awakening in me his death brought to life. You see it was because of his death that I saw my life of sin in turning away from my Lord and following the dreams of an Air Force aviator. It almost cost me everything. My friends death made me feel like I was in Genesis 3, naked before the Lord. I repented, separated from the Air Force and eventually made it to Ft Worth where we met. God led me back to the Air Force; this time a different type of fighter pilot and I stayed in for a full career of 30 years. I remember my friend each Memorial Day, I remember God's grace and forgiveness, and thank Him for where He has led and is leading. Thanks for being part of the process. Happy Memorial Day and also, once again, Happy Anniversary! What a wonderful demonstration of God's grace. I will not stay away so long. Warm regards and blessings.

Steve Miller
Col (ret), US Air Force
San Antonio TX

Paul Burleson said...


You've been missed and I'm happy you have returned to the comment section.

Great story. It adds so much to what memorial day is all about. I posted another story on a new post that is moving also.

I trust all is well with your family.