Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I'm going to address something that I've noticed is a problem with much of the writing that professed Christians are doing on many of the blogs I read today. I'm going to illustrate the problem AND a response to the problem that pictures what true grace looks like in my personal opinion. My source for the illustration is from a blog hosted by Scot McKnight. If you haven't kept up with Scot's blog, do yourself a favor, look it up and do so from this point on.

The exchange is between two men named Steve and Doug with a response from Scot. I'm using only first names as my point is not people but a problem we all tend to have as we write either blog posts or comments on blogs. It will help for me to set the stage a bit.

Steve and Doug are commenting about Scot's post on women in ministry. Doug agrees with the idea that women may serve even as Pastors biblically and Steve does not believe that. Each has been commenting on their position on the issue. Then it gets a bit rancorous in tone. Here is Steve's final comment to Doug...

"My position is not my own. I'm standing on the shoulders of historical, orthodox Christianity. (Sorry for confusing you on this as it doesn't appear to be a concern for many on this thread). Those for women in pastoral ministry & oversight are standing on the past 50 years of the woman's movement in America. It's amazing that the only history that applies to us is that which we are currently involved (again..appealing to historical illiteracy). If you want culture to dictate your hermeneutics, then you've got a big problem being tossed to and fro from every wind of doctrine.'

'You've added nothing to the discussion. If you want to discuss scripture, that's great. I just don't see anyone discussing scripture as the final authority in this matter."

Do you see the problem? How about this statement?... "Those for women in pastoral ministry & oversight are standing on the past 50 years of the woman's movement in America." In other words, if you disagree with my position, Steve is saying, 'you do so because you have been influenced by the women's liberation movement of the past fifty years.'

That's a problem because it is stated as fact without any supporting documentation. It is reported as fact when it is simply his opinion. [He thinks it's valid, obviously, but he says it as if there is no question as to the incorrectness of any other view on it. But making matters worse is the dismissive, condescending, even judgmental words said to a brother.

Therein IS the problem. Stating an opinion with no appreciation of differing views and stating it with an implied "end of discussion" tone which smacks of an "I'm superior to you" view of one's self. This obvious arrogance and lack of civility with people who hold differing views of things is permeating our culture AND CHURCHES. I believe it is a major problem and one we Christians will address if and when the Spirit of God ever moves us to renewal or personal revival.

Now I want you to see Scot McKnight's respose to Steve. Read it carefully...

"Steve, I can't say I've seen you on this blog very often, so we are glad you have joined in. Blogs have cultures and approaches, and the one thing this blog fights for is civility and trusting that we are here for the glory of God and for the good of one another. Hence, we do what we can to avoid calling one another names and there's another element that comes into play here: there is a history of how this blog has addressed the women's issues in ministry. It can't be said this blog has failed to discuss the Bible, and you can dip into the Women category and find plenty of discussion. Furthermore, I have a book called The Blue Parakeet where one third of the book deals with the biblical passages. Those discussions are assumed on this blog.'"

Furthermore, it is a little testy of you to suggest these issues are based on the last 50 years of the feminist movement for not only can you not prove that we are each anchoring our ideas in a cultural feminist movement, but you have plenty of passages in the Bible that reveal women leading and at significant (your word, not mine) "roles." We have to deal with Junia, who is an apostle; with Phoebe and with Priscilla.'

"One more point: to suggest that the views of many here are culturally based and yours is not is a little gamesmanship that will be contested every time at this site. Why? We humbly admit here that each of us is shaped by culture and that every theologian in the Church was shaped by culture and that the biblical authors themselves were shaped by culture. Cultural illiteracy then is unwise and unfair, and puts you into a position of being pushed into a similar corner. I did a series on a book by a Catholic historian who had good arguments for showing that the decisive change that restricted women happened in the 12th Century, some of which was passed on among Protestants, and one would have to be conversant with some of the comments and beliefs by early theologians that are not only objectionable (Augustine) but flat out contrary to the approach of what the Bible describes in women leaders. Deborah, Miriam, Huldah come to mind.'

"In light of all the biblical discussions I -- and many of us here -- have come to a conclusion that the Bible endorses women leadership, including teaching and preaching and pastoring, and this letter is one suggestion of a way to get such a conversation started at a local church.'

"I'm sorry to be so direct, but your words are strong enough that they deserve a firmer response."

Scot McKnight

I've come to the firm conclusion I want my demeanor and words on my blog and any comments I ever make on another blog to reflect the spirit of Scot McKnight's response.

May God give us a baptism of just that spirit.

Paul Burleson

Friday, April 23, 2010


This may be too personal for some. In fact, it may be totally T.M.I. But I'm saying it anyway.

Just how sick was I? Good question. There is no doubt I was sick. But let me start from the beginning.

I was invited by Al Tinnin, who is the Interim-pastor at Missionary Ridge Baptist Church in Morganton North Carolina, to do my typical four day conference/revival meeting starting this past Sunday. It was my first time there so I started on Sunday morning with my series "Going On In The Race" and the "Tabernacle" series at noon Monday-Wenesday.

Al and Mishia, his wife, were members when I pastored Southcliff Baptist Church in Fort Worth during their seminary days. He now runs a Christian youth camp close to Morganton that serves a couple thousand kids every summer and serves at various churches on an Interim basis at times. [He is a GREAT pastor and is desired by every church he serves but winds up getting them fully ready for God's man, Missionary Ridge being no exception.

Missionary Ridge is a traditional leaning, strong rural church running between 200 and 250 on any given Sunday. The people are open, fun-loving, friendly and a delight to be around. And, I have to say, the attendance for the meeting was phenomenal from the get-go.

Sunday morning was a great service. Sunday night more of the same. Monday-Tuesday even better. The noon sessions I was as free in teaching the Tabernacle as anytime I can remember.

Then came Wenesday. About 10:00 am, just before Al picked me up at 11:30 am for the noon meeting, it happened. I won't describe it except to say I "tossed my cookies." Not mild manneredly you understand, but with typical Burleson gusto. Three times in an hour and a half.

Al came. He mercifully stopped to get me some pink Keopectate. I drank a swig. I was half through the noon teaching. I stopped. I ran to the side door. You can use you imagination and triple it. It was pink.

Al took me to the motel. He got me some other medicine, crackers and water. I asked to be left alone. He promised to call. I went to sleep. I had forgotten to turn my phone on after the noon service. I woke up at 6:00 pm. He's called three times.

Al and I had talked about what if I didn't get better. So he assumed [correctly] I wasn't better and so the closing night, with the biggest crowd he said that had been there in ANY service since he'd been Interim, he did something I had suggested to him. He told the people they'd heard from the Lord [His Word] all week now and it was time to say what He's said and done in their lives. So after the 30 minutes song service, the testimony time started. He suggested three ground rules that I had recommended to him...

One..Three minutes only. [Unless Providence shows otherwise.] So many can speak if they desire.

Two..No bragging on preacher, singer, or Interm-pastor, Only bragging on Jesus is permitted.

Three..No mention of anyone else by name without their permission. Some may have had relationships healed but it was only personal except by permission.

Well...and hour and a half later the service ended and the revival spirit will continue. Al told me he said to the people, and I quote.."Bro. Paul is a good preacher but you folks are better at it than he is." No one disagreed. I slept on.

The next morning I boarded the plane, weak as a kitten. I slept. Woke up in Dallas. Changed planes. I slept. Got home and Mary had fixed chicken soup and had the house like heaven. She and I settled in to watch Sam Bradford become the number one pick of the NFL draft. I decided I needed to go to bed. [Still weak you see.]

Having gone to bed early my purpose was to watch the "Thunder" take on the Lakers in game three of the NBA play-off series while resting. The Thunder is Oklahoma City's new pro-basketball team and I'm a real fan having been to a game live. We needed to "thunder-up" and win to get back in the series down 2-0. At the end of the first half we were behind. I think. I went to sleep you see. I missed the entire second half where we rallied and won the game. I read about it in the paper a bit ago.

Just how sick was I? Sick enough that writing about it doesn't do it justice. But I'm better today. I think. I am just going to have to go to bed and sleep on it to know for sure.

I know. T.M.I.

Paul B.

Monday, April 19, 2010


I love Oklahoma and Oklahoma City specifically. Not the least of which is because I was born here. But there are a number of reasons why I love this place and I am going to list a few. The last one has seared her in my heart having been here during that time. Today I, along with many others, commemorate those days. I preached a couple of the funerals of people killed and knew several others. April 19th will be in my heart forever.

My list includes some well known facts and some lesser known ones about "the City" as we know her. I write them for your enjoyment and to remind us all to be mindful of those who died that day in April of 1995.

Oklahoma City is currently the largest city in Oklahoma. Tulsa is second and Norman is third.

According to the 2000 census, OKC is the 30th largest in terms of population in the United States.

In land area, OKC is the 3rd largest in the nation behind Anchorage and Jacksonville.

The cost of living In Oklahoa City is the 2nd lowest in the nation.

Oklahoma City became the state's capital in 1910 when a petition garnered enough support to move it from Guthrie.

The Lee-Huckins Hotel served as the capitol building until 1917 when the current capitol was finished.

The capitol building at 23rd and Lincoln is the only capitol in the nation with an oil well under it.

Tinker Air Force Base is the 2nd largest military air depot in the nation.

The state of Oklahoma has more man-made lakes than any other state.

The state of Oklahoma has more shoreline than the Atlantic and Gulf coasts combined.

The first ever parking meter was installed in Oklahoma City in 1935.

The first ever shopping cart was invented and used in Oklahoma City at Standard Food Markets in 1937.

The Oklahoma City THUNDER will take the LA Lakers to the seventh game in the first round of the NBA playoffs of 2010 and win the series by winning both OKC games and two of three of the final games. It will be a last second basket by Kevin Durant that takes the series. It is the first appearance of the THUNDER in the playoffs since moving from Seattle in 2009. It is the first of ten appearances in a row with the other nine coming up.

Finally and seriously, It is my birth city that came of age that day in 1995 and gave birth to a new spirit that causes those of us who are fortunate enough to live to here to recognize the privilage and are forever grateful for it.

Paul B.

Friday, April 16, 2010


I'm writing this to you as a final word on the controversy that has arisen over your actions as a Christian leader unless something Providential transpires. I am writing in a fashion that will not involve unnecessarily any readers of my blog who do not know you or even know about you. I'm writing it knowing you may neither care that I've written it nor read what I've written. But I do write it out of a sense of obedience to my Lord and His Word.

I'm brokenhearted over what appears to be an unwillingness on your part to heed the call of many who profess to be your brothers and sisters in Christ, myself included, who have sought your admission and repentance over behavior that is unbecoming a Christian leader/minister. Whether I and others have done it right or whether we even have a right to do it are questions over which people may differ. But I believe I heard from the Lord on it after reading a friend's appeal to you.

The motives and integrity of those Christians who've questioned you on your behavior have been challenged, even condemned. It has been a price they [we] have been willing to pay. Because we believe too many of the leaders of the SBC have gone a direction that is harmful to the gospel. One day we will all know the right or the wrong of it all.

But my part, what little I've had, will end with this open letter as I said, unless something Providential happens. I have no desire to cause hurt to you or anyone else. I don't even want to see you hurt because of your own actions. But I know that consequences of one's actions do come. How and when are not mine to say, but I take no joy in hurtful consequences in any one's life.

I will not at this time reiterate the false events or false statements with which you've been charged as they have been clearly stated numerous times by numerous people. I will only say that I wish/pray for the opening of the eyes of your spirit that you may see the damage that has been done in more ways than you can possibly know. I believe only eternity can fully reveal the magnitude of that damage.

It may be, as you've stated in a public letter to your constituency, that all those who have spoken about your actions are truly "alleged Christians" only, as opposed to real I suppose, and are Kingdom destroyers. But, then, it could be they are all real Christians and have been used of God to destroy a kingdom far different than the one you've imagined. I will say again, it may take eternity to reveal which is true.

I close by simply saying that you've heard the last from me. I realize that perhaps means little to you but, for me, that is a very sad thing as I believe the treasure of heaven is, in fact, the relationships we build here. This is why it's so important for brokenness to bring recovery of relationships. [As scriptures say it.."gained a brother."] You may think, perhaps, "what relationship?" You and I have never had one. We've not met nor spoken, except for our phone conversation when all of this first came to my attention, so what consequence is there?

None perhaps, if one views relationships with this earth's perspective only. But I believe relationships are, as I said, the treasure of heaven and a lost opportunity for having one is, therefore, of eternal consequences. Together in heaven? Yes. If both are, in truth, believers. But no treasure being laid up in this potential relationship is something invaluable that is lost. As a believer I do not take that lightly.

In 1 Samuel 24:12 David chose not to harm Saul because of a heart that refrained from taking the life of a King. [Anointed one] But he did confront Saul and asked him about his sin. [Trying to kill David.] Saul was left to the Lord wisely as David closed that encounter with these words..."May the Lord judge between you and me..."

Different times. Different people. Different context. Different sins. Different stakes. But wise words with which to leave a situation. One day we will ask the One who knows the heart to reveal His judgment in this matter and we will all know reality.

For that day I am now content to wait.

In His Bonds,

Paul Burleson

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


It is not often I suggest you read something that is scurrilous, sick, and shameful. But I do ask you to go to Wade's blog here.. read an e-mail which is all the above. [I don't know how to link correctly right now so copy and paste I guess..Sorry.]

Since my blog is mentioned in the e-mail [along with I'm assuming Debbie Kaufman's blog] I felt it appropriate that I link this whole shameful thing. I have to say, this does give new meaning to our Lord's command that we "love our enemies." Somehow, however, I just never thought they would be from inside the faith.

The truth be known, they're probably not, but we'll leave that, as always, for the Lord of Lords to sort out.

Paul B.


Read the first comment and find the link embedded there. Thanks Thy Peace.

Monday, April 12, 2010


I love good posts by other people. There is none better than the one Wade Burleson posted on his blog on April 15, 2008. I repost it here for the benefit of any who missed it. It's a REAL testimony of our true fellowship around Christ and Him only.

The Centrality of Jesus Christ for Our Fellowship

This morning a group of about twenty five men met at the Grace Place here in Enid for our weekly discipleship meeting. The group is composed of businessmen, farmers, doctors, Air Force pilots, and other men from Emmanuel who meet for the purpose of discipleship and encouragement. This morning we studied the first two chapters of I Corinthians and discussed the causes of divisions within the body of Christ. Corinthian Christians were divided. Paul sought to unite them by reminding the church of the centrality of Jesus Christ and His death on the cross. The Apostle reminded his readers that when we lose sight of 'Christ and him crucified' we lose the basis of our fellowship, for it is the gospel, as applied to our hearts by the Spirit, that forms the basis of our spiritual power and unity.

Almost two years ago I wrote a post entitled Conversion to Christ Over a Glass of Wine. That particular post recounts leading a Roman Catholic woman to faith in Christ, and restoring her marriage to her husband over a meal she had prepared in their home for my wife and me.

Though it is my usual custom to practice abstinence and I have never even tasted 'beer,' the recounting of the story of how this woman was brought to the place of recognizing the power of Christ to transform her life has been the focus of a great deal of attention over the past few months in the blog world.

Because of it, one blogger concerned with Baptist identity has written an entire series on the sin of drinking wine. Another blogger has posted an email that I am a 'beer-guzzler.' Much has been written about the post, but nobody critical of it has ever asked me about the woman and her husband.

Let me introduce you to them. If you have about five minutes, I would encourage you to watch this past Sunday's worship service at Emmanuel, April 13, 2008. After the first set of worship songs, Kyle and Carol Williams, whose marriage was transformed and lives turned around by the power of Jesus Christ over dinner in their home, share their testimony of involvement in small group ministry at Emmanuel. During their testimony time you will hear how they are currently working with a group of Christians in Poland to establish a Christian Radio Network that will reach every city of that country. They continue to be active leaders in our church, evangelistic in their outreach to Enid's business community, and now use their wealth to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ around the world.

Our discussion in small group discipleship reminded me of this couple. Kyle Williams was there. He shared that his understanding of the gospel caused him to only use his wine collection in moderation, always avoids drunkenness, and has been able to lead others to Christ through his testimony.

Another man at the discipleship group, Brent Price, shared how he used his personal conviction of abstinence has been used by God to lead basketball teammates to Christ. The professional basketball players around whom Brent spent several years of his life had no concept of moderation, and as Brent would eat dinner with them, and abstain, his abstinence would cause conversation to turn to Christ. Brent was a wonderful example to his teammates of the power of the Spirit to control fleshly appetites. I know the difficulties Brent faced as a Christian in the professional basketball world because when I was with Brent in Houston in the mid 1990's, his Houston Rockets teammate, Charles Barkley, invited me to go with him to the strip club - and that was after he found out I was Brent's pastor.

Kyle and Brent take different approaches on how they relate to the world around them. Both Kyle and Brent are Southern Baptists and two of the finest Christian men I know. During our meeting this morning Kyle affirmed Brent in his convictions and Brent affirmed Kyle in his. To me, that is an example of Christian unity. The ability to rally around the essentials of the faith and give freedom to tertiary issues is the key to Christian unity. There are areas where Scripture does not give either a direct command or clear prohibition. We will be healthier as a convention when we base our Southern Baptist fellowship and cooperation on the centrality of Jesus Christ and him crucified and resist the urge to demand others conform to any other identity of our own making.

In His Grace,


Thanks Wade for a good word. Thanks Brent and Kyle for a great testimony. May your tribe increase.

Paul B.

Thursday, April 08, 2010


Let me say from the outset.....

1. I do not believe it is a sin to celebrate Easter once a year.

2. I do not believe it is a sin to hunt Easter eggs on Easter Sunday.

3. I do not believe it is a sin to wear new clothes to church on Easter.

4. I do not believe it is a sin to buy your kids an Easter basket.

5. I do not believe it is wrong to preach on the resurrection on Easter.

6. I do not believe it is wrong to have a sunrise Easter service.

7. I do not believe the way I do things is the right way to do things.

8. I do not believe you should do as I do.

9. I do not believe you, if you disagree with what I'm about to say, are a
nincompoop. [Look it up in the dictionary. It's a real word.]

All that said, I would say further......

I do not like Easter. I never have. Easter, for me, has never been a very special time and I seem unable to get caught up in all the eggs, baskets, rabbits, clothes OR the one day a year celebration of the resurrection of Christ for that matter. Before I say WHY this is true, let me share some of my personal Easter idiosyncrasies that have developed over the years.

Every year on Easter I have made a point of wearing old clothes to church. This year it was boots and jeans, [frayed] sport coat, and western shirt with no tie.

Every year on Easter I generally made a point of not preparing a special Easter message. I chose to let the "once a year attenders" get in on what "regular attenders" normally heard on Sunday morning. This sometimes presented me with some unusual situations.

For example, I usually preached in series on Sunday mornings that were determined by the text or topic. This means if I happened to be preaching through say, 1 Corinthians, I dealt with the next passage regardless. If I happened to be in a series like "Basic Bible Doctrines" whatever particular topic we were on was heard by the Easter congregation.

Because of this personal idiosyncrasy I was one time in a series on Bible doctrine and the subject the week before Easter happened to be "heaven." You guessed it. Easter Sunday I dealt with the subject of "hell." I was able to tie it in with the idea that the resurrection [I'm not adverse to mentioning this EVERY Sunday.] was assurance God had accepted the work of the Cross as satisfactory for our justification and therefore "hell" was not in the picture for any believer.

Another time I was in the middle of a series entitled 'Family Life' and the message that came next was on marriage. That Sunday morning crowd heard a message far removed from their reason for wearing bonnets and new dresses or suits. But I was able to direct their attention to the fact that it takes the power of the Holy Spirit creating the life of a risen Christ in us to be able to be to each other what marriage demands.

Now you are probably wondering why!! Why would I have such a problem with Easter? [Now might be a good time to go back over the opening nine facts.]

My simple answer to the 'why' question is this. EVERY SUNDAY IS EASTER.

Every Sunday we gather to celebrate corporately the reality of the fact that on the first day of the week Jesus was raised from the dead for our justification. Every Sunday is Easter and is far too important to allow it to degenerate into a once a year kind of remembrance for me.

For me, every DAY is truly a Sabbath, as I rest in His grace from my labors of my own works to be accepted by Him and every SUNDAY is a reminder for me that I live in His grace BECAUSE He is alive and He's alive in me.

Join me in worship this coming EASTER. [Next Sunday]

Paul B.

Sunday, April 04, 2010


Let's pretend I am a woman named Debbie. Let's also pretend that there is a young man, Wade Burleson, who is a quite popular Southern Baptist preacher who says he was converted out of the Mormon religious movement as a teenager. In our pretend story Wade is now serving SBC churches but is also known for his abilities in presenting himself forcefully at conferences as an expert on the Mormon movement and has, in fact, written his personal biography about his life and conversion to Christ which is selling like hotcakes at those conferences. Several things stand out to me [Debbie] and to others as truth about this popular speaker in SBC life.

One...Wade says he was born in 1961 in Salt lake City Utah to a Mormon father and a Methodist mother [He ought to know so I certainly believe him.] and was raised there [SLC] as a devout Mormon. He says there were times he traveled overseas as a young teenager living in Mormon camps where he was trained to be a Mormon missionary intending to give up his life for the cause. That was until he moved to Oklahoma as a teenager, [1976] where he became a Christian. [I'm with the people who are really on the edge of their seats listening now.]

Two...Wade says since his conversion and subsequent biblical training he has debated many Mormons and, in fact, debated Dr. Daniel Selinski, who is himself a Mormon and a well know expert on Mormon beliefs and practices, in Little Rock Arkansas. [Who better to debate a Mormon expert than a former Mormon who was trained in all things Mormon?]

Third...Wade says he knows the secrets of the Mormons and even wore to school as a child some special clothing unique to the Mormon movement that caused many students to persecute him unmercifully even causing him to hide some of his religious activity by performing them in places that you wouldn't believe. [Those moments of doing his Mormon prayer in the restrooms to escape his persecutors speaks to me [Debbie] of his devotion that I'm sure it is now carried over into his new found faith. Who WOULDN'T see him as a bit of a hero!!] All this until finally one day one church accepted him and loved him to Christ.

Several other things are claimed by Wade Burleson which are too numerous to be listed here but his biography posted at the Baptist University where he now serves does list all the facts, as does his autobiography.


But then one day things began to be a bit suspicious. In fact, things began to fall apart.

For one thing... While it is true that Wade was born in 1961 in Salt Lake City, it is also true that at age FOUR he moved to Oklahoma where he began his school career. "I was raised there [SLC] as a devout Mormon though I also lived overseas in some Mormon camps where I trained to be a Mormon missionary to give my life for the cause"... was what was stated, but there is no evidence that this actually happened at all. In fact, the evidence supports something entirely different.

Another thing...Wade specifically said.."I debated Dr. Daniel Selinski, who is himself a Mormon and a well know expert on Mormon beliefs and practices, in Little Rock Arkansas"..but when questioned about that ,Dr Selinski said.. "I have never debated Wade Burleson, and, as far as I can recall, have never met the man."

Finally...While Wade WAS raised in Oklahoma from age four, not overseas in training for missionary life, and while one of his parents DID often required him to wear certain things pertaining to the Mormon beliefs, the other parent [his primary care giver] refused to allow him to be raised that way and there is no indication his talk or dress was anything but normal for teenagers at the time.

With the facts now told me [Debbie], I have to honestly say, I have questions about the veracity of the accounts being presented and written by Wade Burleson about his life as a Mormon. I don't know what's true and not true about some of the things which have come to my attention, but the facts above are facts that are demonstrable untrue. [This since I have absolutely no reason to doubt the integrity of the source of my new information which has been verified by documents and records.] Now this gives me considerable pause. And I'm not a gal that stands easy with deception particularly on the part of ministers.

I [Debbie] have been told that when he was asked about these things, Wade spoke of some possible "mis-speaking because of so many times of having spoken before people and if some things were mis-spoken factually he apologized for that mis-speaking."

I think I read that but went to read it again to make sure and found it was taken down. I don't know Wade Burleson personally, but have to say that I would be a bit uncomfortable going to hear him teach/speak without some sort of further explanation. I'm not his judge certainly, but I am his Kingdom sister and am deeply concerned. I hope he addresses it all properly. But I HAVE decided to write a blog voicing my concerns.

*********************************************** our pretend story...let's further pretend that, after writing her blog, Debbie happens to read some of Wade's friend's blogs where they condemed HER for even having a problem with Wade at all. After all, they said, "he's preaching the gospel and winning people to Jesus."

They ask her .."What minister hasn't mis-spoken about some mon-essential facts about his life in the pulpit?" Well she knows she has certainly mis-spoken on occasion but she's not in a pulpit. Also, she's of the opinion that that should NOT be done by anyone to this degree regardless.

Besides, it seems to her that what Wade said was going beyond factual mis-speak and was really perpetrating a story that is different than the real facts that are now becoming known. It is beginning to appear that he has deliberately sought to create an IMAGE rather than share honestly a LIFE actually/factually lived. Why he would do this is anyone's guess. That he has done it is clear to her.

But wait, let's pretend that his friends say, "It was a MORMoN who first reported some of these facts coming out and that means if you accept them you are choosing Mormonism over Christianity and that is a sin." But she thought documented truthful facts were true regardless of the religion of the revealer of the information.

Now let's pretend again that I'm Debbie and, since I don't want to offend those friends of Burleson or Burleson himself, I decide to say NOTHING else about it. After all, Wade Burleson is a great preacher and I [Debbie] am his sister in Christ. Besides.. I've never spoken to Wade Burleson myself. [Although Wade did speak with a close friend of mine who shared the conversation with me as requested.] He is probably a really nice guy truth be known. So I choose to remain silent...[let's pretend.]

Finally, let's pretend Debbie WON'T be bothered at all when she thinks of the time that she will stand before the Lord to share with Him PERSONALLY how she was quiet about those things that she knew to be untruthful and dishonest. Let's further pretend that she's not going to be bothered at all that the REASON she was silent was that she thought more of what people would say about her than what is truthful.

As I said..let's pretend all this.


Paul speaking...

You know, I think I'll quit pretending entirely now. I wish everyone else would too.

Paul B.


Michael Spencer [I-Monk] went home a little while ago. There is much celebration going on right now in heaven the likes of which I can only imagine. Pray for the Spencer family.

Friday, April 02, 2010


Watch and feel good. A feel good Friday is just a right thing to have once in a while on a blog.

Paul B.