Monday, January 22, 2007


If you are one of those who might not be interested in personal stuff, you can skip my little post today because, I assure you, there is nothing of weight or significance other than just some comments on the mundane. I don't do this often and am not sure why I'm doing it now. But here goes.

It's monday morning and I've awakened to another day on the road. That, in and of itself, is not unusual at all, but, considering the circumstances, it is a bit unusual for me in the following ways...

One is the trip here. I'm in Charlotte North Carolina having begun a meeting yesterday in a baptist church that is new to me. But the getting here proved to be quite a chore within itself. Oklahoma was predicting 7 to 12 inches of snow for itself and succeeded in many areas. My flight was cancelled and they rescheduled me for a 5:15 pm flight, but it was on American Eagle which is a MUCH smaller jet than was the original flight. No problem...I thought. After loading late we were then held up for de-iceing. I've never experienced that and must confess to a sort of weird feeling watching the whole thing happen. I was a little like the guy who was scared of flying but was known for his belief in the sovereignty of God. Someone asked him "you believe you won't go til your number comes up, so why worry?" His response was " What if I'm up there and that pilot's number comes up?" [That's a joke]

Then, as we took off, it became obvious the storm was reaching all the way to Chicago and we followed it...right in the middle of the whole thing. I've never had a worse ride.

Another thing different was I have invited my 15 year old grandson, Cody Lenox, to travel with me and man my tape table at the end of the services. I've done this with other grandchildren and it is a blast. Except his eyes were as big as mine on that horrendous ride to Chicago. But we made it and actually got ino our motel room about 1: 00 am and into bed about 2:00 am. I got up for the first of two services that morning but didn't have the heart to wake Cody up. When I returned at noon to get him for lunch, he had not MOVED. But a couple of hours later he awaken and we went to get him a bite to eat. We BOTH have recovered now. We are going to check out a movie this after noon or maybe do a little bowling or maybe even both. Along the way we'll get some ministry accomplished too. He's a fun guy to have around.

Finally, the young pastor I'm with is Kevin Bussey. I met Kevin over the internet and was invited to do this meeting. If the people I've read and heard from on blogs are all of this caliber, we're in good shape. Kevin, his wife Cassandra and their two children are new in the work here and it is a real pleasure to share the assignment with them in this fellowship. We will be having evening services, noonday services, [doing a Tabernacle study with charts] a meeting with the staff for a couple of hours this morning, a senior adult group in the morning, as well as the regular services yesterday [two morning and one evening] and a great time during Sunday school with some fine young married couples. All in all, a great time is on it's way and we'll trust The Spirit to do what only He can do with the Word in the lives of people.

I've accomplished the "personal" part of the title of this post, but sure did miss the "little" part of it. Thoughts of a more theological nature will be forthcoming. [But maybe this is what theology is all about...LIFE and that abundantly.]



Kevin Bussey said...

We are so excited you are here. I learned a lot today with your study on the Tabernacle!

Debbie Kaufman said...

Tell Kevin Bussey hello for me. I know his church will be just as blessed by your messages as our church was. Many of them are still with me personally. That had to be hard to do, yet your son always says "it's not who we are in the past that matters, but who we are now."

I appreciated the fact that you shared that part of you with all of us there, because we see who you are now and know that God will do the same in us, clear up till the day we reach heaven. That's the message that sticks with me.

Chuck Andrews said...


Pray you have a great meeting. I'm sure you and Cody will enjoy your time together.


Alycelee said...

I'm so jealous. North Carolina is nice enough, remember Arkansas is very close :)

By the way, talking about a "tape table"
Do you have the tapes from Enid?
If so, I want to buy them.
Let me know and thanks.

Paul Burleson said...

Kevin, Chuck, Debbie,

Thanks to all of you.


I don't have tapes or cd's on what I did at Wade's church, but he does. Maybe if we ask, he will send us both a set. :)

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed this post, Paul. I was wondering what more of God's character you saw through your travel experiences or how He comforted you.

Anonymous said...

Paul, may the Lord richly bless the ministry He has given you there in North Carolina with Kevin Bussey. Also, a belated but nonetheless hearty "Amen!" to the series of messages you gave at Emmanuel Baptist Church in Enid. The Lord has equipped you with knowledge, insight, wit, and the ability to articulate the gospel so that even those of us with an elementary concept of God's word can understand the truths you shared with us. Since you are getting "personal" in this post, may I personally thank you for being used to bless me in this way!

In His Grace and Peace,

Paul Burleson said...


I'll try to give a more substantive response to your request after next week in Huntsville Ala. January is a full month and my time has been very limited. Thanks for your interest.

Tommy, [Known to all others as T.D. Webb]

You're the one who has been an inspiration. I don't know that I've EVER read ANYONE who presents a point and debates the principle of it better than do you. Your comments on several blogs have been a constant source of blessing and encouragement.

Mary, my wife, [whom you have known even longer than have I and I've been married to her for forty seven years] and I count you as one of our greatest friends. [Isn't it fun being able to be genuine friends and yet seldom see one another] :) Your poetry, prose, and comments on every facet of life are a genuine source of pleasure and pride to us because we know you personally. Stay in touch and we'll have that Sunday lunch yet.