Wednesday, October 04, 2006


I'm working on the next post about my theological journey, but, there are some things more important. So I'm interrupting that with this...a special word about a special person on a special day. It's personal. I wrote it for our family blog for our kids and their families and a few friends to read, but I don't mind you listening in.


Wednesday, October 04, 2006


People are different aren't they. I don't have a thing for cards of any kind necessarily. Oh don't get me wrong, they're nice. And I certainly appreciate them, especially from the family. I'm just saying they don't do for me what they do for others, say for example, Mary. She loves them. I've seen her face light up when reading one whether it's funny, or simple, or serious, just any kind of card. She loves them. They represent thoughtfulness, love, sincerity and a host of other things to her. Me! Give me a cake, gift, money, whatever, and I'm happy. People are just different.

People are special too. No one is as special to me as Mary. And there is no more special day in the life of a special person than their birthday. This is her birthday.

Then there are special birthdays in the lives of special people. This is her 65th birthday. That's special. You can tell I think there is just something really special about Mary. I'm not talking about her looks. Although she still is being mistaken for my daughter all the time and then tries to comfort me in my devastation, her youthful looks and beauty are not what I'm speaking about.

It is not her energy of which I'm speaking. But, boy is that part of who she is as a special person. To work 8-10 hours a day, to fly to Austin weekly, to oversee 10 ladies at her office here in Norman, and then to go to Mystic Conn. to periodically meet with the author of the material she works so hard to get published, talk about energy. But I haven't spoken of clogging, dancing, motorcycle riding, foliage tours like the one we're taking in New Hampshire next week, and a host of other things that, time permitting, she loves doing. She is special in looks, energy, and how can I name the ways?

That's my point. How can I? Give her a card? You have got to be kidding. Wait. Cards are special to her. Maybe if I could find a card that said some things I mean but don't know how to say. Maybe the fact that cards are special to her, a special girl, a special card would be just the thing. Well, I found one. I gave it to her. She's in Austin today. So I'm posting that card for her to read...again. Because she's special and I love her in ways I can't seem to express, maybe that dumb card can say it her.

Mary, happy's how and why I love you.

"For my wife, my best friend,

You've been there to laugh with me,
to cry with me, to be proud of me,
and to be happy for all the good
things in my life.

You've also shared my disappointments
and listened as I worked out my thoughts
and feelings about so many things that
troubled me.....

You're the most important part of my world,
and you always will be....I love you."



Mike & Cherri said...

I've ALWAYS loved the example you guys have set for us kids - specifically in continuing to learn and grow in how you flesh out what you believe.

And to me? This is one of the highlights - not only seeing Mom honored by Dad - BUT you guys having so much fun with each other STILL!!!

Mike & I want to be like you guys when we grow up!!!

Your 46 soon to be grandmom daughter - Cherri

Paul Burleson said...

Thanks Cherri,

But be careful about mentioning that thing about you becoming a grandmother. Some people may figure out that means I'm going to be a GREAT-GRAND-FATHER. I don't want the bunch of people that read my ministry blog [all six of them] to know how old I really am. ;)


Anonymous said...

Blessings on your 65th birthday, Mary! You have much to be proud of in your family! My wife turned 50 this past Sunday, seems incredible how fast the years fly by.

Kevin Bussey said...

Happy Birthday Mary!

I haven't met you but I love your husband and Wade and his family!

Anonymous said...

This was a post well worth waiting for. Thank you for sharing and I hope helping us pitiful husbands who need to learn more and more about loving our wives!!!!

Wayne Smith said...


Happy Birthday and I know the Heart of your Husband and Son Wade.
So you must be a very Gracious Lady to have these Men in your Life. I will be praying for you guys and your Trip to New England.

Paul thanks for sharing as you are a very special Man of God and all your Wisdom, a gift from God.

A Brother in Christ

Wayne Smith