Monday, June 12, 2006

My Perspective on Monday at the Convention

First of all, I'm just glad to have been able to come at all. After the water damage to our house I wasn't sure. It was repaired in record time and two days early. But the trip itself was long, tiring and not without it's moments. A van immediately in front of me lost control and rolled about 6 times winding up almost upside down in the bar ditch. I was the first one to the van, turned off the ignition, and helped 6 people including two babies out. All were bloodied, none seriously hurt, all had on seat belts and, after the ambulance came, I left to drive more slowly and carefully the rest of the way. Add to that a detour of 1-40 east bound out of Knoxville and a longer trip on the Appalachian Trail highway which was winding, slow, and difficult, but absolutely BEAUTIFUL, and I arrived.

The first night of the pastors conference was alright...I just wish preachers would quit using preaching time to denounce and ridicule Calvinism. I don't mind folks disagreeing obviously but to shame a different view than yours is unnecessary and unproductive. Let's forget the denunciation and preach the word.

This morning I heard a debate about the doctrine of election and it's relationship for good or bad to evangelism. Both men were cordial and respectful toward each other which made for both sides getting good points from the crowd. My guy won. Does that surprise you? Seriously, the reformed position stole the day from my perspective. I remind you this post is entitled that. I warned you from the begining. But, again, the other guy had to, it seems to me, get in his remarks about issues over which we disagree as baptists, yet had no relevance to the moment at all except to slam a different view than his. The slams were concerning the issues of alcohol and spiritual gifts. What does that have to do with the topic of Election and Evangelism pray tell? You notice I've used no need to...if you know who debated you already have them and if you don't know who debated my point is made sufficiently without the names. On second thought, I'll list the men I've heard today in no particular order...Al Mohler, Mark Dever, Page Patterson, Tony Evans, Jimmy Draper, Jeff Iorg and Dick Lincoln. Another thought, when might we hear from a woman at one of these pastor's conferences? Someone says, "Bro. Paul, there you go. I knew you believed in women preachers." Well, you don't know what I believe on that issue because I haven't said, but, most of the pastors are women...maybe they have a significant perspective. You know I better quit this thinking it could get me in trouble. Just having fun with you... and the convention. More later.

But before I go let me say what fun I have had meeting THE bloggers. Marty Duren, Art Rogers, Micah Fries, Tim Sweatman, Tad Thompson, Clif Cummings, Ben Cole,David Rogers, Gene Bridges, Kevin Bussey, and others, along with Bob Cleveland who comments frequently with great insights. My week will be complete when I meet Dorcas. My favorite is Marty Duren because he could not believe I was Wade's dad, "far too young looking " he said. Keen perception that guy has and his wife Sonja said she reads my blog. That's one sharp couple.

Remember this is my personal perspective only, the political issues and news can be picked up on other more significant blogs. You know the ones. They're all great. Be sure and read them as you can.

Paul Burleson


t. d. webb said...

This Okie is thankful you made it to the SBC safely, Paul. By the way, did you hear Joyce Rogers speak? All I can say is "WOW!"

And Ed Young echoed Mrs. Roger's declaration in the final message of the session. . .

I am praying that the rousing applause received by these two speakers will resonate in votes on Wade's motion in the General meeting.

In His Grace and Peace,

Bryan Riley said...

I wish I could meet some of these men bloggers you mention. I hope I do some day. I only know Wade. You mention that you wish people would just preach the Word. AMEN! And then election would be preached. :)

Paul Burleson said...

Tom, it has been amazing the people who have used the very phrase Wade and other bloggers have been using for months now, namely, "We must stop narrowing the parameters of our cooperation as Baptists." It was said by Joyce Rogers, Morris Chapman, Ed Young, and Jimmy Draper that I know about.
Who would have thunk that some young men and women with blogs could accomplish so much so quickly!

Bryan, I agree and a whole lot of other truths that show the glory of God and the need His Grace that we have as fallen human beings. Thanks you guys for reading and commenting.

Paul B.

Sonya Duren said...

Ok, I had to comment to prove to you that I really do read your blog! Seriously, it was great meeting you. Wade is very blessed to have such a wonderful family!

Paul Burleson said...

Sonya, What a delight to have met you and now to hear from you. You and Marty are being used of the Lord , along with a lot of other bloggers, to put a bit of a new fire in my heart. I'm serious about that. I have been astounded that so many young, bright, articulate, real people make up this blogging tool which I personally believe is in the forefront of a spirit of revival in Kingdom living.

Enough of the serious, but I genuinely mean it. And thanks again for writing. I'm honored.

Tell Marty I said now you can read some real good stuff instead of just his posts. :)

Paul B.