Tuesday, June 13, 2006


It's an accomplished fact. Frank Page was elected President of the SBC on a first ballot vote between Ronnie Floyd, Frank Page, and Jerry Sutton. The significance was not the amount of the vote difference which was only by a 50.49% for Frank Page and the other two splitting the rest between them. That is not a large vote victory, just a simple majority. But when you consider it is the first time in 25 or so years multiple candidates were nominated and the favorites of the powers that be both lost, it is an astounding vote for progress and change in the way things are done in SBC life. It is also, to me personally, a satisfying statement about the effectiveness of the bloggers and many others who want things done in openness and fairness without fear of having differing opinions. Wade Burleson has led the way and tons of others are leading the way too. I'm an old guy who is enjoying the workings of this denomination for the first time in a long time.

This is not to say it is over, as motions and resolutions will be debated tonight, one of which Wade presented asking the Ex. Com. to investigate and report findings of 5 areas of concern with the IMB Board of Trustees.
That will be debated tonight as I said and plenty of bloggers will be reporting. Maybe even I will write something. Maybe.

Paul Burleson


Kevin Bussey said...


It was so awesome to meet you!

DavidJSanders@aol.com said...


I can't tell you how much of a blessing it was to meet you and spend time with you. I will be checking your schedule to see if you make it to Arkansas. If you EVER drive through Little Rock, I will expect an e-mail or a phone call -- mi casa su casa.

Paul Burleson said...

Kevin, What fun it was to meet you and to fellowship with you. You're my kind of guy. I hope we can share a meal together one day.

David, The same to you. Hospitality is offered to me and is now extended to you and your family. I have a feeling I'll be doing a church meeting somewhere around Little Rock before long and when I do we'll definitely get together. I appreciate both you guys.

Paul B.

Bob Cleveland said...


I was most pleased to meet you, particularly to be introduced to you by Wade. I thank you for the respect and friendship that was evident there.

It's easy to see the Father in the Son. In your case, it's easy to see the father in the son, too.

Thank you for your friendship.

David: You're from Little Rock. Small world ... they cancelled our flight from Greensboro to Charlotte today so we rode there in a van to catch our Charlotte-Birmingham flight. Had a nice conversation with Bruce Chesser on the way. Seems like a neat guy. Don't know if you know him, but Geyer Springs seems to be a neat church.