Thursday, June 08, 2006


My apologies for a long delay in posting. [I'm sure not too many have noticed.] But we've suffered a major flood of three rooms of our house where I work and the thingamajig that enables me to operate my wireless laptop AND my PC is down. Several days of cleaning and repair are necessary so even my trip to Greensboro is canceled. I'm sitting at a wireless capable cafe, feeling very modern, and will get back to posting in a few days. Until then I, like many of you, will depend on many bloggers to keep us informed as to the goings on of the convention. I'm looking for some great things from Greensboro.

Paul Burleson


Bryan Riley said...

I for one have checked, wondered, and missed your posts.

Paul Burleson said...

Bryan, thanks and, as has been the case for several days now, I've had to get to my new favorite cafe to even post comments. I'd have to rent a booth to take the time to write a post here since my old guy style is hunt and peck. But before long someone's going to say..." Why's that Senior Burleson guy writing so much worthless stuff?"
I hope that day gets here quick.

Paul B.

Bob Cleveland said...


Worthless? Not likely.

Flood? What ... did you say something bad about Noah? Didn't see any animals lining up, I hope.

I'm an insurance broker. If you're having problems with insurers, email me. I can 'splain the stuff in plain (if Southern) English.

Paul Burleson said...

Bob, thanks for the offer but I've had my insurance agent for over twenty-five years and he knows what he's doing. In fact, everything is finished a couple of days early. There have been times in the past when I would have taken you up on your kind offer and ask you to bring your gun. :)

Paul B.

t. d. webb said...

Paul, did your insurance agent give you a quote on "Flood" insurance in Greensboro? If so, what's the deductible and will it cover "liability"? :^)

This Okie wishes you well in getting the mess cleaned up.

In His Grace and Peace,

Paul Burleson said...

Tom, I told Wade I'd be careful and not hang around too much [who'd want their
dad around all the time?] and he said he'd appreciate the protection.:) I checked on the local Swat team availability just in case. Insurance and liability I should have thought of also. If I need help I'll call...It's going to be quite an experience I'm sure.

Paul B.