Monday, October 22, 2012


I've just returned from an eight day ministry trip to Texas with two meetings back to back at two fine churches. I appreciate the comments that continued and the readership. Blogging is fun and a real part of my life and even my ministry in a manner of speaking I think.

That said however, it will be important for me to take a break for a short while. I'll be having surgery [left shoulder rotator cuff] this next Thursday and the recovery will be a bit more extensive than normal because the tear is complete and the tendon is loose from the bone.  So I'm planning to take the time between now and the first of the year to recover.

I may periodically post if something happens that I feel compelled to write about, but that would only be a couple of times at most I'm sure.

I make it sound like the world is breathlessly awaiting my next post don't I!!   ;)

Really, I'm just attempting to let those half a dozen or so who read my blog know what is going on with me.   LOL

Seriously, I do enjoy this and will be doing it again soon. Thanks for being a part of what is happening.

Paul B.


Ginklestinker said...

I hope you get well soon Paul. Hibernation and variety have their benefits.

With regard to the picture you posted, you might want to invite your readers to answer to the question: "What happened ?". My answer : "I shouted 'Boomer Sooner' while driving thru Stillwater !

Paul Burleson said...


Now THAT is my laugh for the day...maybe even week! LOL

Aussie John said...


You will be greatly missed, along with your courage to stand firm against the intimidation of the status quo.

On another note: Can't I have something wrong with me that you don't have to emulate? :) Or, is it the other way around?

My right rotator cuff tendon has completely withered away, the left significantly. Makes for some interesting antics when lifting above shoulder height.

The Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you my brother!

Steve Miller said...

Thanks Paul for all you do with your blog and the challenges you give us. Your writings will be missed. KaJean and I will be praying for your total recovery. We will be in Tulsa at least twice before the end of the year and maybe we can set up a visit. Take care my friend.

Steve Miller

Heather said...

Cannot wait until you start blogging again ! I have learned so much from your posts:)