Wednesday, May 25, 2011


It was on May 28th  in 1959, fifty-two years ago this coming Saturday, that Mary Cherry was willing to become my wife. We have spent the years learning to be what we had been declared to be on that day. it has been quite a journey. The learning isn't over yet because the journey isn't. I wouldn't trade these years or the learning for anything in this world. I thought I'd share some of my favorite pictures of the two of us together in celebration..

This first picture is when it all started. The second one just below is one of the resulting four kids and their spouses at our 50th anniversary which they put together for us. Left to right you can see Wade & Rachelle, Cherri & Mike, M&P, Melody & Tony,and Brett & Kelly.

The final picture below is simply my favorite picture taken in my favorite place with my favorite person showing us as our older, casual, temerarious, fun-loving selves in the present day.

So I will simply wish another "HAPPY ANNIVERSARY" to my wife, Mary. [AKA 'beautiful.]

What follows is a poem I wrote a while back celebrating our years together. I tried to be real, truthful, and celebratory of all the good and the bad because I wouldn't have missed either. Mary and I recognize both are part of any relationship and we've learned from both together. But that's just us, isn't it beautiful!!

       But that's just us isn't it!!

We've had so many times that were good
And some that we'd have to call bad.
Sometimes we've been very happy
And sometimes we've been somewhat sad.

But that's just us isn't it!!

We've shared life's deeper joys
Mixing love and care in special ways.
At times we saw our world fall apart
then find each other anew in those painful days.

But that's just us isn't it!!

We learned some new ways to care
Such as hearing each other's deepest dreams.
And hearing the sad, tearful crying of one of us
When no one else was listening it seems.

But that's just us isn't it!!

There were shadows as black as night
That sometimes blocked my view.
But a gentle light would often disperse them
And that light seemed to come from inside you

But that's just us isn't it!!

Strength we'd find and we'd give to each other
When we knew that brave we'd have to be.
It took it all plus the Grace of God
To face some moments that came to you and me.

But that's just us isn't!!

So joys and struggles were friends it seems
As we've lived out our years of marriage.
It was always the two of them
And neither would we dare disparage.

But that's just us isn't it!!

Now we see it was a truly precious gift 
When He merged our roads making one from two.
So these words are a way of my saying to Him
A sincere, heartfelt and simple, "thank You."

But that's just us isn't it!!


Christiane said...

What a joy to read this and to see the beautiful Family pictures!

Thank you for sharing this with us, Paul. And congratulations on your anniversary.

Becky Dietz said...

Thanks for leading the way! You have a BEAUTIFUL family!!

Aussie John said...

Paul & Mary,


The sentiments expressed in your poem are very much personally appreciated.

Paul Burleson said...

Christiane, Becky, Aussie J,

Appreciation to all of you. This post is a bit personal, but I thought I'd do it anyway!

Terri Sanchez said...

That was beautiful, Papaw!

Paul Burleson said...


I'm honored and flattered that one of my granddaughters would read and comment. You are as beautiful as you are talented, and that's saying a mouthful of fact.

traveller said...

May your partnership in life become ever deeper and more meaningful as the years pass. May you have many more adventures together. May there be much laughter and few tears, except ones of joy.

Paul Burleson said...


You've nailed what we believe it to be...a partnership.