Thursday, September 30, 2010


Well it's official. My shoulder will need to be surgically repaired. I have a major tear and a second minor tear of the right rotator cuff that will need repaired with some bone spurs that need to be removed. The Doctor says it will not be without pain and discomfort in a long six month recovery period including therapy. The surgery looks to be on Tuesday, October 19th, at Community hospital in OKC.

This is the sixth individual surgery I will have had in the last three years. This old body getting a bit older and worn down is not fun stuff at all, but, keeping it functioning is the only recourse for me. I refuse to quit repairing it so I can keep getting in our pool, riding my motorcycle, and generally living a slight variation of the Paladin principle [Have bible will travel] and I know some will be far too young to know what that means but I'm not going to explain it. ;)

However...I am going to take a hiatus from blogging for a while. I would imagine it will be at least until the first of the year before I'll be personally ready to take it up again if I ever do at all. I enjoy writing but for some reason when recovering from surgery I don't have the wherewithal to be consistent. The pain and discomfort I am already facing is sapping my creative powers a bit anyway. Besides all that I'm a out of gas as far as words are concerned.

I know this impacts only a very few readers but for some reason those few individuals have become very important to me and I want to be up close and personal with you as a sometimes reader of vtmbottomline. It's kind of funny [weird] how I feel close to some people across this world that I've never even met personally and some that I've renewed relationships with after several years apart all because of the gift of the Internet.

All gifts, even good ones, have their up side and down side. If you don't believe it reread 11 Kings 18 where instructions were given to destroy the brass serpent which originally was a great healing gift from God. I guess that downside comes when we start elevating the gift above the God who gave it. That can even hold true for the gift of a healthy body I suppose. So I'm going to receive my body ANY way it comes good or bad, once I've been responsible in caring for it, and rejoice over the God behind it all.

Oops...a bit of creativity slipping out there. Old habits I guess. Seriously, thanks to all of you for our connectedness and I shall return, the Lord willing and the creek don't rise.

Paul B.


Debbie Kaufman said...

Paul: I and my husband have you in our prayers. I know you are not looking forward to this, and so this must be rather hard for you. It seems so cliche' to say praying for you, we take prayer so for granted sometimes. Wish you the best.

Bob Cleveland said...

First, I pray the surgery is successful, painless, and successful to the extent you don't even need rehab (hey, might as well ask for the moon, right?).

Second, your presence will be missed.

Third, perhaps the time off and the pain that's apt to accompany all this will produce a spate of fresh creativity, after all's said and done. Someone once pointed out that France has had turmoil for centuries, like 150 governments, yet produced a lot of the world's great music and art, whereas Switzerland has had centuries of peace & tranquility, and has given us the cuckoo clock.

So .. I'll keep a good thought.

Bob Cleveland said...

Oh. Fourth: I think it's "hiatus".

"Haitus" is the singular of "Haiti". I think.

WORD VERIFICATION: "fooeueri". I have no idea what that means, but it just seems appropriate, somehow.

Paul Burleson said...


Thanks and cliche or not [and I think you're right about that] I appreciate you guys praying for me. I have a feeling you know what I'm facing.


Thank you and your are right also. It IS hiatus and while I did spell it correctly in the body of the post, I sure didn't catch the misspell in the title. It's corrected.

Cheryl Schatz said...

Pastor Paul, I pray that God will allow you a successful surgery with very minimum pain (no matter what the human Doc says!). You will be missed by all who appreciate your insights as well as your gracious spirit.

Paul Burleson said...


Thanks you. I'll still be reading and will be reading some of the best stuff when I read your blog. Be assured I will.

Aussie John said...


You are in m prayers. I can say you will be sorely missed by this ole feller.

I empathize with you regarding your old body, especially the rotator cuff issue. I persevered with the discomfort of the same for years. Finally the pain disappeared. So had the muscle. The counterpart on the other side suffered the same fate. The doc said it was too far gone to repair and that, in the light of being affected by chronic osteo-arthritis, a repair would not change much for me.

So, I am looking forward to reading good news regarding the outcome of your treatment. I will,vicariously :) enjoy your new found freedom!

God bless, my friend!

Bob! What do you make of this word verification, "catoldin".:)

Clif Cummings said...

I will keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers as the LORD reminds me!
You are a blessing to me and mine and have been for years and am praying for many more years to come.

Pastor Clif

Chris Ryan said...

Well, phooey. I was just catching back up with life enough to get back into blogosphere.

But you'll be in my prayers and I look forward to hearing that all went well.

God bless.

Christiane said...

will pray for a good result from the surgery for you, and that your rehab won't be TOO painful to bear.

Sorry to hear you are having problems but at least the doctors can help you with this. I hope all goes well.

Be peaceful.

Becky Dietz said...

Chris said it best, 'Well, phooey!"
I'll be praying God fills your mind with so many deep thoughts, you have to blog them to keep from exploding! It'll be good therapy.
Love you and BLESSINGS!
Oh! And I'll pray for Mary, too!! ;)

Marjory Brown said...

Although I am one who seldom, if ever, (can't remember) comments, you have to know that I am always blessed and stretched in every word that you blog. I'll miss the reading!!!! Bobby and I will be in touch! Love you, Marjory

Rex Ray said...

Just read your post. I like “Have Bible will travel.” I agree the young guys won’t recognize the TV “Have gun will travel”. Rodney and I will be glad when you’re able to travel our way.

Your ‘goodbye’ sounds a little like John the Baptist saying, ‘I must decrease, Jesus must increase’ in that I’ve gone back to yakking my head off on your son’s post.

Ah, the powers of the internet. Yesterday, I heard a touching story. A daughter told her 86 year old mother she had to learn the computer so her kids could stay in touch with her. (Her mother had a ‘book signing’ last month.) She learned fast and even though she had outlived two husbands, she looked up a guy she hadn’t seen since she was 16 in Alaska. She thought the phone had gone dead when she told him her name. Finally she heard: “Do you still have the ring I gave you?” She did and they were in the same big city.

Steve Miller said...

Brother Paul,

I must echo the previous comments on God's healing touch on your body and that your recovery be total, quick, and with minimal discomfort. Your time from the blog will be missed but it will give me time to review, meditate upon and apply what you have shared. This has been my practice with your teaching for over 30 years; why stop now. I am hopeful in this time of recovery to come and visit you as I head to Tulsa in November to assist my father on some personal matters. Knowing you, I am sure you will take full advantage of the TLC that only Mary can bring your way. I call this wisdom. I eagerly await when "Paladin" will display his showcard once again; Have Bible Will Travel. I will keep in touch my friend. Blessings

Steve in San Antonio

Car Insurance said...

Like the roses need the rain. Like the poet needs the pain. We can't live without sharing.thanks for your awesome blog.Best regards!

GuyMuse said...

All those commenting above me have expressed my own thoughts as well. May God give you a double portion of the needed grace to face the days ahead.

jcoy said...

I love you uncle Paul, will be praying for you, and trust you will recover faster than you expect!

Catherine Mackie said...

This is my first visit to your blog but I wish you well with your surgery and subsequent recovery. I, too, am being operated on - on 18th October. As I lie in my hospital bed trying not to feel sorry for myself I will think of you, wherever you are in the world, and remind myself that the only God is with each of us, healing us even though we are miles apart. That will help to remind me how great God is if I should feel sorry for myself.

Deborah Felts said...

We sure will be praying for you, Brother Paul. Will miss your blog. Please do return!

Anonymous said...

May God supply all of your needs, physical and in all other ways as you recover. God is able. My prayers and best wishes are with you and your wife.
Florence in KY

Hope said...

you seem like a really fun guy. bummer you won't be blogging for a while. you're in my prayers for sure!
Peace be with you and yours!

Rick said...

Nice ride.

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