Saturday, March 27, 2010


Mary and I enjoy good live music shows of every genre. We've seen in person, John Fogerty, formerly lead singer with Creedence Clearwater Revival, [Popularly known as CCR] in Austin Texas, [Along with five thousand others mostly above fifty years of age.] Merle Haggard, Wanda Jackson and a ton more in live concert through the years.

Last night we drove to Weatherford Texas with friends to catch John Sharp and the Generations singing group do a live Fifties music show at the Texas Opry theatre in Weatherford.

John is an old friend and a deacon at the church I pastored years ago in Ft Worth. [Still is a deacon there I think.] John's son, John Rian, sings in the group as well. John is like me and married far above himself when he married Elaine, but that's another issue and post altogether. He and Elaine have another son..David. both boys are suppose to still be little kids instead of grown men as they really are now.

As Ed Sullivan used to say as stated in the title of this post, this show was that. I knew they were good but not THIS good. John and the Generations, along with a hugh cast of singers and band members, put on the BEST show we've ever seen. [And as I've said we've seen a few.] It was outstanding. I'm putting it up on post because I like to share with you the good things and the people I know and this is the best of both.

They sing regularly at the Johnny High show in Arlington Texas to which we've never been, but we're going now I assure you. I understand it's every Saturday night and they alternate between fifties, Classical rock, country, gospel, and other genres on a regular basis devoting a night to each. Checking the calendar of shows will undoubtedly tell you which is when I'm sure in case you do or do not like a particular genre.
[I like em all.] They also do a "Rhythms of the Road" venue which can be checked on the internet. It's worth a look as well.

I've put up a few videos to whet you musical appetite and I do encourage you to listen through all three if you have time. The first two are song length [31/2 minutes or so] but the third is only about 40 seconds. All are worth it if you love a good time in every legitimate venue as do we.

I don't know what category this post will archive in but I guess it'll have to be a "because I want to" category that I'll now have to establish . ;) Enjoy.

Paul B.


Becky Dietz said...

How fun!!

Paul Burleson said...


I'm telling was a blast.

I have just had my hands repaired surgically the past six months and for the first time in twenty years I could actually clap my hands. You would have thought I was nuts last night. And you'd be right.

Aussie John said...


We are different after all:)

Paul Burleson said...

Aussie J,