Monday, November 02, 2009


Forgive me please. I'm asking ahead of time and thanks.

I know nothing about poetry. I am not a poet. But I'm old enough to try things and not care so much for the success of it as I am the doing of it. I love doing this.

I'm printing the only poems I've ever written. I'll tell you why I wrote them with each poem printed. I promise to get back to weightier matters soon.

My grandson just turned eighteen. He's special. [As all of my grandkids are.] He has gone with me to bible conferences and handled the tape/CD table. The people loved him. When I'm back with them they never asked of me but "how's Cody?" I knew Cody would understand my desire for expression in a new way. I'm putting this one up first because it's the first one I've ever written. Here is what I said to him.

Ode to Cody Lenox

I have so many stories as a grandfather that I have never told,
Stories of my grandchildren who began to grace the scene of my life a long time ago.

One of those is of a special young man who has touched the lives of so many,
He's often the first to bring a smile and to my face he's brought plenty.

His heart is made of pure gold forged out of a special love,
So obviously fashioned with care by the hands of our God above,

He has always genuinely loved and cared for those in his life you see,
His family, friends and of course that includes me.

There are many happy moments I've shared with Cody which are carried in my heart,
That's why this grandfather and his grandson will never be apart,

He's turning eighteen this year and it is quite obvious to me,
His life will continue to touch others and many more smiles there will be.

Cody is special to all of us in the family as we watch him grow older in awe,
And you now see why I'm so proud to be called his "Papaw."

Paul Burleson [Papaw]

Then I knew I had to write a poem [inner compulsation] about Mary and my marriage. It's been in the making for over fifty years now and is still baking.

Seriously, this is a poem that celebrates the good and bad and the joys and struggles that our marriage has experienced that many couples seem to deny or decry. We do neither. But that's just us.

But that's just us isn't it!!

We've had many times that were good
And some that we'd call bad.
Sometimes we've been happy
And sometimes we've been sad.
But that's just us isn't it!!

We've shared life's joys
Mixing love and care in special ways.
At times when our world fell apart
We'd find each other anew in those days.
But that's just us isn't it!!

We learned some ways to care
Such as hearing each other's deepest dreams.
We even heard the sad crying we often made
When no one else was listening it seems.
But that's just us isn't it!!

There were shadows as black as night
That sometimes blocked my view.
But a gentle light would often disperse them
And that light came from inside you
But that's just us isn't it!!

There was a strength we gave to each other
When we knew that brave we'd have to be.
It took it all plus the Grace of God
To face those tests that came to you and me.
But that's just us isn't!!

So joy and struggles were friends
As we've lived out our years of marriage.
It was always the two of them
And neither would we dare disparage.
But that's just us isn't it!!

Now we see it was a precious gift
When He merged our lives it is true.
So this is my way of saying to Him
A sincere, heartfelt and simple "thank You."
But that's just us isn't it!!

By Paul Burleson

This one I wrote just this morning. It is about friendship. We have a few that qualify by the standards of my thoughts here and they know who they are. We do too.

Since I discovered and now believe the treasure of heaven is, in fact, relationships and Jesus told us to store it up, friendships are more important than they've ever been to me.

This poem also describes the friendship that can exist in a marriage [and does in mine] since it's a major portion of a real marriage relationship.

I've found a friend

When you find someone
Who is caring, loyal and true.
Someone who is understanding
And is really there for you.
You've found a friend.

When you find someone
Who is truthful, forgiving and wise
Someone who never pretends
But lives with honesty in their eyes.
You've found a friend.

When you find someone
To whom you can talk and even confide.
Someone who won't close down at mistakes
Since they live with their heart open wide.
You've found a friend.

When you find someone
Who is close but not one that smothers.
Someone who is thoughtful yet fun
A person totally different from others.
You've found a friend

When you find someone
Who is worth their weight in gold
Someone to whom you love relating
And with whom you'll never grow old
You've found a friend.

I've found someone
that will always be these things it's true
Someone to whom I can say
I also want to be all this to you.
You see....I've found a friend.

By Paul Burleson

Finally, who can do anything without humor? I can't. So I wrote this. I probably wouldn't print it but I sent it to all the kids and their spouses for fun and Wade read it at the beginning of his message last Sunday . Mary and I were watching via the Internet and we fell in the floor in laughter. [Maybe embarrassment on my part.]

Remember that request for forgiveness at the beginning? It may have been for this one.

Questions about aging.

Who was the culprit that slipped in last night
And stole my strength as well as my sight?

I'd also like to know does anyone but me care
That I have finally lost all my always thin hair?

Why is it when I deliberately put something safely away,
I forget where it is and wherever it is it will forever stay?

Am I finally becoming a world class wimp?
Because while I used to run a lot I now only limp.

I admit to slightly less of my cherished virility?
But does that have to signal a loss of every other ability?

Why is it at church I see someone and have a chat,
But then while walking away have to ask my wife "who was that?

Are all who read this going to laugh until they choke?
Well from this side of age they need to know it is no joke.

Enough questions about growing old and now for a conclusion.
Age is really a state of mind anyway is my simple solution.

So I'm handsome, erudite, and besides that a whole lot of fun.
And anyone who doesn't think so can kiss my good looking left bun.

By Paul Burleson

Back to steak and potatoes next time.

Paul B.


Aussie John said...


What can I say, besides the genuine Australian accolade, "Good on ya mate!"

Each touch a chord in my heart and mind, especially "I Found a Friend", which opened the door to some deeply hurtful memories. Never-the-less, I loved it because it echoes my own thoughts on the matter.

The last one: Are we clones??

Paul Burleson said...

Aussie J,

This settles it...we gotta be.

Chris Ryan said...

Wordsworth and Shakespeare had better move over...

Your tribute to your wife was beautiful.

Paul Burleson said...


I think the guys mentioned are safe. But it IS really fun.

The creative juices are flowing and I've just finished one called "THE BAG LADY" and believe it or not is about the gospel. I'll put it up someday.

Rodney Sprayberry said...

I watched a streak of lightening
as it sliced the black of night

I was amazed by all of it wonder
and in awe of such a sight

My thoughts were drawn to the brevity
of each flash across the sky

and yet the impression it left on me
and I began to wonder why

standing in that rainy darkness
the wind against my face

an answer calmed my storm tossed mind
as it quietly found its place

The streak of life is oh,so, short
In a world of darkness and grey

a beautiful spectacle thsi is true
but in a flash, it is gone away

so it is up to me to do my best
to be what God has called me to be

and to leave those lasting impressions
as the lightening did for me.

Thanks for do that for me