Monday, November 23, 2009

Dupuytren's contracture

That's a condition from which I have suffered for the last couple of decades. It is a hand condition that is genetic in source and debilitating only if allowed to continue until the fingers are drawn so far toward the palm of the hand that they obstruct the grip of anything. My fingers have started that journey and my grip is affected so correction is on the way.

Why am I telling you this? Because the surgery is tomorrow and the recovery time is a sling for two to three days, a splint-cast 24-7 for one week, then to be worn at night for five weeks.That's the left hand [which has the more advanced contracture] then the procedure is repeated for the right hand.

So for the next three months I will be hindered to some degree with typing on the computer key-board.To what degree I do not yet know. But this post will alert the couple of people who read what I think and write that, while still thinking, the writing will be hindered somewhat. ;)

Seriously, I do wish to let you know because prayer is always in order and, in God's providence, I will do whatever I can to get back to normal as rapidly as possibly.

I told my Surgeon that all things MUST be accomplished by the spring so I can open the swimming pool and ride my motorcycle. :)

[Then there is this blog thing and, yes, that's a picture of my hands this morning at the top of the post.]

Paul B.
UPDATE December 2 2009
Cast comes off tomorrow but splint in place for some portion of 5 weeks. Right hand to be done three days after Christmas with same follow-up cast, splint and possible therapy.
Hunt and peck typing is for the birds.


Bob Cleveland said...

Will be praying for your successful surgery and speedy recovery.

At least you caught a malady named for a guy who was an overachiever at a very young age. Makes sense to me...

Paul Burleson said...


You are absolutly my kind of guy. I always believe there is something special about whatever transpires if we're open to it.

A guy with a name like Dupuytren, I was looking for that something special. Couldn't find it.

You did. Now I'll take his namesake on any time. You made my day.

Rodney Sprayberry said...

I am praying for you.

Aussie John said...


I am sorry to read this news, and will be praying.

Another of those similarities :) , but much less severe than yours.

I have the same problem in my little finger on my left hand, and, under doctor's instructions, was able to straighten my finger by painfully stretching the tendon twice a day.

Word verification is "sycho". You or me?

Becky Dietz said...

Oh shoot! Three months until we get more poems? I don't know....can you use a dictaphone or something?


Paul Burleson said...


Thank you for doing so.

Aussie J,

How about "both"!! :)


To this point in the comments you are truly a rose among the thorns, and I thank you for stopping by.

I do appreciate your somewhat misplaced appreciation for my "poetry" but Mary and my friendship with you and Andy is far from misplaced. We love you guys.

Chuck Andrews said...


Praying for you this morning. Check in with you this evening.


Strider said...

Lord bless you friend! Get well and type how you here as soon as you are able.

Michael Wright said...

Brother Paul,

Praying God works a restorative healing on both your hands quickly - you'll need 'em to "HOOK 'EM"!

bryan riley said...

May the pain be extinguished and the therapy be healing!

Steve Miller said...

Praying for you Paul for a quick and total recovery. We need you at 100% for the keyboard and gripping the throttle.

Steve Miller