Monday, October 05, 2009


"Speaking for the president, Robert Gibbs, White House spokesman, in no uncertain terms said that the president did not think the criticism directed at him and his policies was based on the color of his skin. President Obama refused to answer a reporter who queried him about Carter's comments. When Obama did respond, much to his credit, he insisted that the "biggest driver" of the vitriol was distrust of government. His response was not only correct but the nation is better off as a result of it. We don't need the kind of divisiveness that would surely arise if Obama himself played the race card.'

'Race is no longer the problem that it once was. That doesn't mean there are not white and black bigots or that every vestige of racial discrimination has been eliminated. But what little racial discrimination remains is nowhere near the insurmountable barrier it once was. For the most part, white bigots are no longer respected among whites and I look forward to the day when black bigots are no longer respected among blacks.".....

Columnist Walter williams.

[Highlighting of the second paragraph is my emphsis.]

I sure like the above two paragraphs of a much longer editorial by Columnist Walter Williams who is himself an African-American journalist. It seems to me he nailed it. I thank him for doing so.

I also am reminded of how our message of the gospel sets us straight as Christians on THAT topic whether society ever sees it as so or not.

Galatians 3:28 says..."There is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male nor female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus." [NIV] It goes without saying that biblically for us the race issue is settled. We are a new Kingdom people and race is not permitted to add or detract from our value or our relationship with each other. Anyone who names Jesus as Lord is my brother or sister in the Kingdom of God or the Body of Christ and anyone who denies that is being unbiblical in thought.

It also goes without saying that the same is to be understood in the area of gender. The same verse declares that also. Gender is not permitted to add or detract from our value or our relationship with each other as well. There is an equality in Kingdom living that society may or may not understand depending on the culture in which or of which one is speaking but is ever present in God's Kingdom.

Paul's culture of the NT time did not understand that and consequently did not permit slaves an equality. But the gospel did. And while Paul did not fight the societial disinctions per se that existed, he laid down the Kingdom principles of grace and life that did eventually fight against slavery in the mind and lifestyle of believers.

The same can be said to the gender issue. Women were chattel basically in the NT times but that did not keep Paul from declaring a different thing for the Kingdom while not taking on gender slavery per se. [As you are aware "per se" means "in and of itself." Paul had one focus and that was the doing and dying of Jesus and it's resulting grace in any human being in Christ.]

Eventually Christians, as those "in Christ," had to learn to live totally different than their society as they made full application of the gospel and that difference was to be seen in slaves, females, husbands and wives, and every relationship one might can have with another person. Christians WERE different that's for sure. But they were ONE with each other in value AND relationships when the gospel did it's work. "You shall know the Truth [Jesus] and the Truth shall set you free,"

All this does NOT dispute the fact that people ARE different whether it be race, gender, age, abilities, strengths, giftedness, and a host of things left unmentioned. But the Body of Christ is not to be structured on any of those differences. We are to use our differences, under His annointing and authority, for the good of all and I believe, when properly understood, the scriptures will not allow for value OR relationships to be based on anything in our differences, but the grace of God alone.

This is not to say that the color of skin does not remain white or black or yellow or one does not remain male or female young or old obviously. But that is only a biological reality that does NOT alter the biblical reality.

Using Walter Williams words in my context I would say that I look forward to the day when gender bigots are no longer respected among the male or female gender in Kingdom living. Then we ALL could serve our Lord by loving and serving each other as the highest privilage we have as we live out the gospel as well as share the gospel with our world. I think it all needs to begin in me. How about you?

[You can tell I believe there is only ONE head of the Body, the Church, or the Kingdom and only ONE Lord and issues such as marriage or church relationships in Kingdom living is not one of authority___men rule and women submit___ but one of serving "one another" out of our giftedness and uniqueness under His authority. He rules we all submit and serve.]

Paul B.


Aussie John said...


Please permit me a loud, "HALLELUJAH"! O, brother, you are so-o-o- right!

Chris Ryan said...

I'll second Aussie John!!

Paul Burleson said...

Thanks guys.

A few years back as I really began to see the implications of the New Covenant and began to read and see scripture with new eyes and relationally a journey began that I believe moved my understanding of the text in ways I never anticipated. The resulting true freedom and understanding of biblical Grace I will forever rejoice in.

Chris Ryan said...

Well thank you for allowing us to rejoice with you.

Rodney Sprayberry said...

This past August/September I did a sermon series (my first ever and I have been in ministry for 15 years) on the New Covenant called "Something Better" It is amazing the more you dig into the scriptures on this topic the more incredible the implications become.

The doctrine of the New Covenant (and I hesitate to call it a doctrine because that feels so "academic") is far from being a new and esoteric is a central relational hermeneutic that I cannot believe I missed/ignored for so long!

Megan said...

Does this equal rights for all go for homosexuals or non Christians?
Because I can see how non Christians could not be equal because then what would be the point of being a Christian? Someone has to go to hell or it doesn't work. I get that. But if you are gay and a Christian I don't see how that could be punishable. What I understand about Christianity is that no matter what the sin is, i.e. rape, murder, stealing, and so on, can be forgiven if you ask for forgiveness through Christ. Granted you have to mean it but Christ will give you eternal happiness/grace if you look for guidance through Him. So even if homosexuality is a sin, if you are gay and a Christian you should always be asking for Christ's guidance, therefore are granted the eternal bliss. And then if that is the case then its not really homosexuality that Christian's are so objected to its that most likely that they are objected to someone that doesn't accept Christianity. And someone that doesn't accept Christianity is a non Christian. Again I can understand the dislike of someone that doesn't think the way you do. But why do I hear so many Christians say they are against gays when really they should gather up Muslims, Jews, atheists, Buddhists, Hindus, and every other person that is not a Christian and just say we don't like these peoples lifestyles either because they are not actively seeking Christ to forgive their sins that people were born with and constantly do but only through Christ are forgiven? I think the whole point of this long run on sentence is that not everybody is equal but everybody that is a Christian is equal?....Paul I love you a lot. You are actually one of my favorite people in the whole world. I love all of your family...especially your grandson. I did not write this to start an argument or a fight. I honestly want to know more and learn. My perception of Christianity is not a good one. I know you can make me see the positives. I'm not sure you can convert me to Christianity but I do know you are one of the smartest, nicest, most loving people I know. Please take my above statements more as a question rather than a rant. Love, Megan

Paul Burleson said...


A couple of things.

Since my post comment section is for shorter responses than I will need to give to your very thoughtful comment I will write you an E-mail. I REALLY like your questions and attitude. Especially here... "I honestly want to know more and learn." That's the attitude I hope I have til the day I die. I like this too..."I love all of your family...especially your grandson." :)

Also, unfortunately, I'm leaving in a few minutes [literally 30 minutes from now and I'm sitting here in my bathrobe] for a meeting so will write later today.

Thanks for commenting. [And reading.]

Paul Burleson said...


I'm home and writing...much to come in partial [no one has all the answers] answer to your thoughtful comment.

Rodney Sprayberry said...

I watched a streak of lightening
as it sliced the black of night

I was amazed by all of it wonder
and in awe of such a sight

My thoughts were drawn to the brevity
of each flash across the sky

and yet the impression it left on me
and I began to wonder why

standing in that rainy darkness
the wind against my face

an answer calmed my storm tossed mind
as it quietly found its place

The streak of life is oh,so, short
In a world of darkness and grey

a beautiful spectacle thsi is true
but in a flash, it is gone away

so it is up to me to do my best
to be what God has called me to be

and to leave those lasting impressions
as the lightening did for me.

Thanks for do that for me