Monday, August 10, 2009


I'm continuing to post my favorites during the summer months. They don't generate a lot of comments but, my goodness, that's not unusual at all. I'm having fun and right now that is my agenda for blogging.

After three years and nearly two hundred posts, I thought it might be interesting to see the first blog post I ever did. Interesting. [To me at least. :)]

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Blogging 101

This blog site is part of and connected to VTM ministries. Our homepage is and all things relative to our ministry such as schedule,types of meetings. etc., can be found there.

Someone may ask why a blog? My answer is so I can address issues theological and ministerial in a conversational way. I will, of course, be giving my view on the issues and will do so with the full knowledge that my grasp of Truth is finite and growing. I trust the Spirit to give understanding as all Christians do and am confident He does and will.

My confidence in my ability to hear Him and to grasp that correct understanding and Truth is, however, not as strong. I've lived with the power of flesh and self too long to have much confidence there. I will attempt to be open, honest, and careful in what I post so you will at least know where I stand.

I do believe strongly that our ground of unity is not in agreement on issues or even nuances of minor doctrine however. I'm using the word minor here not meaning unimportant but related to essentials of salvation/eternity which are the majors . Our ground of unity, which, by the way, we are never told to create but to maintain because the Spirit HAS ALREADY CREATED OUR UNITY IN CHRIST, is really to be on the basis of Christ and His work on the Cross as Paul said to the Corinthians in the first three chapters of that First Corinthian letter. If a person says Christ was human only and not the divine Son of God who died on the Cross for us that person is not my brother and there is no unity at all in the gospel. I will love them and share my life with them but they are in need of the One of whom the gospel speaks.

My brothers/sisters are those who name Jesus as Lord. But we are as different as daylight and dark in understanding of minor doctrines. We may associate with various denominations, have differing views on issues and embrace a multitude of methods in mission and evangelism, but we are brothers/sisters because of who Christ is to/in us and our acceptance of what He accomplished on the Cross and the empty tomb.

This obviously presupposes a confidence in the integrity of the Scriptures which I have. This blog will address those mentioned issues, differences, and nuances, but as a brother in Christ with a full confidence in the truth of scripture when properly understood. This, while remaining aware of my own fallibility in that understanding.

I will be doing what my son and others have been doing for several months now and quite successfully. I only hope I can be as gracious and gentle as they have been. If I can then perhaps this little personal word will be of help to a few and even, perhaps, enjoyed by some.

Paul Burleson


Chris Ryan said...

So, after three years would you say that you have been - for the most part - faithful to those founding ideals? And do they still represent what you think your blog should be about?

The beauty of a post like this is that you have the ability to remember your vision and either call yourself back to it, praise God for His ability to keep you faithful to it, or pray for guidance in a different direction.

Paul Burleson said...


In regards to your last sentence question of the first paragraph...they do.

As to the three options of the second paragraph, by my assessment only, [others may disagree] I would have to say the second.

[Your -for the most part- would have to stand also.]

You know what Chris? I like your posts on your blog, your comments on other blogs and even the way you ask questions. :) You're fast too. :)

Thanks for stopping by to read.

Aussie John said...


Your blog is an important stopping off point for me, where I find a brother who is not afraid to be his own man, to express his thoughts and convictions without fearing whether the status quo (which is all powerful in this neck of the woods) is satisfied.

You call a spade a spade, but graciously.

Your writing makes me want to have a face to face relationship with you, and spend much time talking about my,and I suspect your, favorite subjects, the Lord Jesus Christ and His Betrothed.

My only complaints are that I found your site too late, and that you don't blog frequently enough (Yes! I know! The pot calling the kettle "black").

Thank you and please keep blogging.

Paul Burleson said...

Aussie John,

You are very kind. I'm not very consistent in blogging I know. You are a real encouragement for me to do better at it. Thanks.

As to a "face to face," your country is one of the few that Mary and I long to visit. Were it ever to take place I would definitely not do it without seeing you and your wife if at all possible. It would be an honor to break bread together I assure you.