Tuesday, August 18, 2009


In 1982 I founded Vital Truth Ministries as a non-profit ministry organization. According to Oklahoma law I needed a board of Directors. My personal desires went along with that quite well because of my wanting people I trusted to help guide my ministry with accountability. So I chose to form an eight couple board made up of two couples from my last four pastorates. [Who knows you better than people you've pastored?]

I later added two couples from my final pastorate which resulted in the present ten couple board that is with me in ministry.
We have met each year for the past twenty seven years to enact business, fellowship, pray, sing, share and teach some along the way. It has been quite a ride. Intervening health and death have caused me to replace two couples but eight have been on board for all those years.

I've since added an advisory board of four ministry couples and an at-large board of three couples and three singles to bring a total of close to forty people who gather once a year for our VTM Board meeting and fellowship. [We have two additional couples who are corporate officers.]

This years' meeting just concluded after gathering Friday night and Saturday morning at the Hilton Garden Inn in Norman Oklahoma for what I can only describe as a meeting the way the real church should be. It was very very special for all able to be there. There was praise and worship led by Paul Purifoy the Worship leader at Metropolitan Baptist of Oklahoma City, [And an advisory board member] share times, prayer times, tears, laughter, hugs, kisses, [holy kisses :)] and food that will cause a serious need to watch what we eat for several days. I shared the report of the ministy of VTM as well and some things that are privy to the board ONLY but, when we talk of it later, it will be life-changing for some of us in a way that is REALLY exciting to us all.
Above you will see only a few of the pictures of only a few [I'm sorry more couldn't be shown.] of the people who were there as space doesn't permit, but it reinforces what I believe the treasure of heaven really is. I'm convinced when Jesus said to lay up for yourselves treasure in Heaven He was speaking of relationships with people. If I'm correct, it explains one of the reasons why the life of our local churches gathered is so important AND why things like VTM and it's supporting cast of friends and board members are important also.

Take special note of the couple whose picture appears sixth in the photos. [I think/hope if I did this correctly.] Bill and Mazie Pannell have been with me since the beginning and have traveled to many places where I've conducted Pastor's conferences to handle the materials, tapes, CDs and the like. Bill is a retired Lawyer who, with Mazie his wife, lives in Ft. Worth and are members of Southcliff Baptist Church where I was their pastor in the late seventies and earlies eighties. They are now pastored by Dr. Carroll Marr who is a dear friend to me and has served that fellowship far longer than did I.

I just wanted to share this personal special time with you and to thank all these wonderful people who have shared ministry and life with me for the past twenty-seven years or more and mean so much to Mary and me.

And thanks to all of you for taking the time to read.

Paul B


Aussie John said...

Thanks for sharing such a "good news" story.

I knew my grandfather should have gone to USA with his brother :)

Paul Burleson said...

Aussie John,

Needless to say I'm glad the Burleson boys did a couple a hundred years ago.

Bryan Riley said...

Great picture of the Purifoys. They have great hearts!

Anonymous said...

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