Tuesday, November 25, 2014


There is something about being around someone who LOVES what they are doing - at that moment - whatever it is. I love the following illustration of Sharing the Joy in whatever you choose to do - from SIMPLE TRUTHS:

Barbara Glanz is a speaker and author. After speaking to 3,000 employees of a grocery chain on customer service and creating memories, Barbara heard from a manager on how his store employees began putting their own stamp on their departments. The manager of the flower department began cutting off her broken flowers and finding an elderly lady to pin it on. The meat dept manager loved Snoopy and would bring in his favorite Snoopy stickers to stick on the packages. He would then go out and laugh with the customers. It seemed people were finding ways to become personally involved with customers instead of just doing the expected or the "asked".

How did this begin? It all started when Johnny, a bagger at the store, called Barbara after her talk and said, "Barbara, my name is Johnny and I'm a bagger at the grocery store and I have Down syndrome. I heard what you had to say about service and I liked it! But I thought - what can I do since I'm just a bagger? Then I got an idea!

I love sayings and thought that each day I could pick out my favorite saying and my dad and I could print it out on the computer. I could cut out the strips and sign the back of each one. Then, I'd fold each one up, and the next day, I'd drop it right in the customer's bag and say "I hope you enjoy my quote for the day. What do you think, Barbara?"

Barbara told Johnny she thought it was a great idea and just a few weeks later the manager called back and reported that after seeing the line in Johnny's lane being three times longer than anyone else's and the customers wouldn't budge even when prompted to go to a shorter line. One lady said she used to come to the store once a week but now finds herself stopping in 2 or 3 times a week just to see Johnny's quote for that day.

When we bring our heart to the task, not only will those around us feel special and served, but they may pass it on too!

May we SHARE THE JOY in all we do!

In Joy,



Victorious said...

Cherri, thank you so much for this wonderful post! In a world that's filled with so much pressure and stress, it's a reminder that simple, thoughtful gestures can bring joy to someone who may be needing to know another person cares.

My son was waiting in line on a local toll bridge and impatiently noticed the senior in the car in front of him fidgeting through her purse for money to pay the toll. He was thinking, "why didn't she get the money out before getting to that point?" since she knew there was a toll booth ahead. When she "finally" moved on, and it was my son's turn at the booth, the gentleman in the booth said, "it's been paid by the lady in front of you."

He learned a valuable lesson that day and hopefully will bring a little joy into another's life as a result.

I love the example of the bagger at the grocery store. The employees at the store I frequent are amazingly at extending a smile, assistance, and compliments. I mentioned this to the store manager and told him how much I appreciated the staff.

Thanks again, Cherri and hope you have a blessed thanksgiving day!

Aussie John said...


Great stuff! I would expect nothing less from a daughter of Paul B.:)

Becky Dietz said...

I love this!! I'm already thinking...

Rex Ray said...

Ah…the joy that comes by giving something that makes people feel good.

I’ve given to strangers hundreds of my father’s story of finding a little girl’s father and bringing him home. My name and address is at the end. Upon taking it, all have said “thank you” and I never see them again.

Last week I received a card saying:

Mr. Ray,
We met at Aldi’s and you were so kind to share your father’s story with me.
My husband and I were so touched; what a great Christian man!
I have shared the story with family and friends. Again I thank you.
Her name

“Jesus asked…where are the other nine?” (Luke 17:17)

Rex Ray said...

There have been a few others that told their appreciation. One was a road construction ‘signal guard’. I entered a doctor’s waiting room full of people and this young woman that I didn’t recognize jumped up and gave me a long embrace.

I was embraced and said, “I don’t know what is going on, but I like it.”

She said, “That’s for giving such a good story.”