Friday, February 03, 2012


Several years ago I was going to a meeting in a city [Houston] where the church facility was located in an urban section that was not the best kind of residential area at all. I passed many people in need as you can imagine. As a result this thought took root in my mind and a couple of years ago I penned this poem from those thoughts. 

I'm no poet and certainly don't believe that confrontational evangelism is the ONLY kind of method for true evangelism at all. BUT, I do believe that REAL evangelism WILL somehow impact these kinds of needy people. However, all too often, I believe, we wait for it to be through someone else. That conviction of the Spirit came to me and I wrote about it, for what it's worth.  Today, I've revised the original slightly and this is what I came out with, as I say, for what it's worth.

                  THE BAG LADY

I saw a bag lady the other day and
thought how disgusting can a person be.

But gently, yet firmly, came a reminder
from His Spirit living in me.

He said to remember that she was once 
someone's child, a thing now hard to see.

I realized it could be that she grew to womanhood
not knowing any love that was personal and pure.

Maybe along the way she felt terrible pain
for which there just seemed to be no cure.

Choices came and ugliness and emptiness
are the price that she has paid to be sure.
But His Spirit reminded me that our gospel
tells of a God-Man who can transform even her life.

He is the only One able to set a person free
and bring an end to all the obvious strife.

This God-Man has wonderfully proven all that 
by loving and giving to me this eternal life.

I saw a bag-lady the other day and
realized she is every one in sin's dark night.

But Jesus came and endured the Cross that 
through Him life could be made whole and right.

I knew were she to hear this gospel of grace
it would change even her twisted terrible plight.

So I asked Father to send someone to tell her
of His Son and how He brings cause to rejoice.

And Father, as she listens, I prayed,
may she hear Your love ring out in their voice. 

Father wasn't long in answering my prayer for 
someone to go as He gently, but clearly said that... 

I was His choice.

Paul B.


Aussie John said...


Thank you for your continuing excellent thoughts.

But for the grace of God there go I!

How well I recognize how easy it has been to thoughtlessly use our own blessed situation as the standard for others, and make judgements on that basis.

Reminds me that the most amazing treasure ever given to man, is in very common vessels,"jars of clay", said Paul.

I read an article by an archeologist who said that it was common for those jars to be broken to retrieve the contents.

The Holy Spirit is an expert at getting at the contents, as your poem reveals.

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed I do with all your post...I linked my facebook to one of your recent blogs and said, "this is one of the greatest blogs I ever read!" Your life and ministry continues to bless me so much.
Have a great weekend!
Ron Fisher

Whitney said...

I like your blog a lot :)

Paul Burleson said...

Ron & Whitney,

I appreciate you stopping by and commenting. Do it often. Blessings.

Paul Burleson said...

Aussie J,

I hope your recovery is coming along well. Thanks for your words.