Monday, December 19, 2011



It’s Christmas time in this mired land,
Bone chilling cold the season,
The Son of God became a man
Beyond all human reason.

It’s in the record of His Book,
In pages old and worn,
Announcing news for those who look,
A baby Savior born.

How could you, Lord, demean Yourself,
To this rebellious earth,
Put judgement power upon the shelf,
In ignominious birth.

Yet, You saved us lovingly
Beyond the scope of time,
With grace incomprehensive be
To a merely mortal mind.

From eternal to eternity,
You planned this to instill,
From predetermined destiny,
Accomplished perfect will.

Reacting, man predictably,
Received the news eschewed,
No faith, but doubt indubitably,
In crazed thoughts misconstrued.

So to this day the minds of men,
Are lead in grand deception,
Allowing many to descend
To utter desolation.

But for the remnant God did choose,
To save from dread despair,
He from the start deemed not to lose
Them to the Prince of Air.

It’s Christmas time in this mired land,
He came to save His own,
Great Sacrifice, He lives to stand,
Our sin He did atone.

In His Grace and Peace.

T.D. Webb


Christiane said...

I hope everyone has a beautiful Christmas with their families gathered around them.
Don't forget to pray for those servicemen and women who will be far from home and family on Christmas Day.

Love to all,

Johnny D. said...

Merry Christmas to you and yours, Paul! It matters not what date Jesus was born - it only matters that He was born!

Paul Burleson said...

Merry Christmas Christiani.

couldn't agree more Johnny D. A few days back I wrote this on Facebook to my FB friends...

"Merry Christmas. I'm remembering that every Sunday is a celebration of Christmas, Good Friday and Easter. So "Merry Christmas" for today and next Sunday and the next and the next.....

So Merry Christmas to you too Johnny.Merry Christmas.

Anonymous said...

That's cool..

Check this out:

Aussie John said...


Particularly meaningful to me as I have just returned home from triple bypass.

May you and yours be blessed abundantly this season as we marvel again about the New Covenant Person, Jesus Christ.