Monday, October 24, 2011


With Rex's comment I realized I owe you all an explanation as to why I haven't written some fresh material on my blog. I honestly don't have an explanation other than whatever muse I've had for it has disappeared. It will return I'm sure, but in the meantime I'm going to take a brief hiatus from blog writing to focus on some other things. My schedule this fall has been surprisingly full of meetings [an old guy is still wanted in some quarters for which I'm grateful] and will not be letting up for the next month or so. will probably be around the first of the year before I return. Please comment on any of the previous posts you wish to address and I will post those comments and even respond if I think it is something that I can do quickly and without much research.

All of you who come by here and take the time to comment are special to me. Thanks for the connection and when I return I trust it will be with something to contribute that is worthwhile. Blessings!

Paul B.


Bob Cleveland said...

(Insert mean-spirited and disrespectful .. but not bad .. words here. I don't use bad language)

Seriously, I only write when I feel like it and I don't have anything else to do, so the explanation is appreciated and unnecessary. Enjoy your time doing real work.

Aussie John said...


Thank you for your words to enlighten us.

Must be nice to be still wanted, in the sense I read you saying.

I pray you will be blessed, and a blessing (of which I have no doubt) in your endeavors till you hit that keyboard again.

Rex Ray said...

Thanks Paul,
We’ll miss your blog and comments until you start again.

The “Thanks” is for giving me more time to get more ‘work’ done or more sleep if you know what I mean.

luckmey said...

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Anonymous said...

Pat said..Anonymous because I cannot get the identity thing to work for me. ugh.

That is an interesting article Paul.
The Church I am in presently, by that I mean I have gone to many different churches has Apostles, preists of the old biblical kind like Arronic and Melchizedic preisthoods, bishops and Deacons and a prophet. Timothy did mention prophets. We all have a share in those callings there is no special school or "clergy training" for those callings as we beleive these are left to the Holy Spirit to choose from amoung the brethren. One maybe a bishop for 3 years or so and then is called to something else. Each office is not perminent and all of us share in the gospel ministry by all I mean everyone. We share in caring for the needs inside and outside of the church. Several discorses are tended to by the believers each Sunday. A handful of young brothers serve the congregation the sacrements. I have not seen a clergy/laity system . We all share and we all get involved with each other and the world outside our homes and church buildings. Organization is a must but spontanious and liberal edification is also alive and well where I am at. If all our buildings came tottering down we know where each of us live and can assemple in small groups any place. We support our church and our members in every way possible.

A tid bit I would like to add is that the teaching of Sacrifice is laking in churches today.

We pay a tithe and fast offering for serving those in the community in need. Participating in a missionary work to serve the needy, ministry, sick, community, each other in spiritual healing and other area's is a sacrifice that we share with all members. So in essense we beleive that we are worshipping God when we are in the service of our fellowman in every way. So perhaps, just perhaps the first century Ideal is not totally gone.