Saturday, July 30, 2011


On May 23rd of 2006 I started this blog. I had some hopes and desires for the blog that I expressed back then and thought it might be good in the summer of 2011 to stop and see how we stack up against my original wishes. I would be interested in any response you would give and any suggestion you might have for what you would like addressed in the future. What follows is my first ever blog post. [With some cleaning up of language, paragraphs and punctuation.]

This blog site is part of and connected to VTM ministries. Our homepage is and all things relative to our ministry such as schedule, types of meetings, etc., can be found there.

Someone may ask why a blog? My answer is... so I can address issues theological and ministerial in a conversational way. I will, of course, be giving my view on the issues and will do so with the knowledge that my grasp of truth is finite and growing. I completely trust the Spirit to give understanding, as do all Christians, and am confident that He does and will. My confidence, however, in my ability to hear Him and to grasp the truth is not as strong. I've lived with the power of flesh and self too long to have much confidence there. I will attempt to be open, honest, and careful in what I post so at least you will know where I stand.

I do wish to express that I believe strongly our ground of unity is not in agreement on the issues or even the nuances of minor doctrines. I'm using the word minor here not meaning unimportant but related to essentials of salvation/eternity which are the majors. Our ground of unity, which by the way we are never told in scripture to create, but are told to maintain because the Spirit HAS ALREADY CREATED OUR UNITY IN CHRIST, is on the basis of Christ and His work on the Cross, as Paul said to the Corinthians in the first three chapters of that First Corinthian letter. 

If a person says Christ was human only and not the divine Son of God who died on the Cross for us that person is not my brother. I will love them and share my life with them but they are in need of the gospel. My brothers/sisters are those who name Jesus as Lord. We may be as different as daylight and dark in understanding of doctrine, associating with various denominations, having differing views on issues and the embracing of a multitude of methods in mission and evangelism, but we are brothers/sisters because of who Christ is to/in us and our acceptance of what He accomplished on the Cross. This obviously presupposes a confidence in the integrity of the Scriptures.

This blog will address those issues, differences, and nuances. But as a brother in Christ I hope to do what my son and others have been doing for several months and quite successfully. I also hope I can be as gracious and gentle as they have been. If I can, then perhaps this little personal word will be of some help and will be enjoyed by a few.

Paul Burleson


Johnny D. said...

Morning, Paul. I really don't have any input as I just started reading here.

I will say that it is good to stop and review now and again. You know, get a feel for things and how they stack up with the vision. Enjoy the weekend.

Bob Cleveland said...

"Our ground of unity, which by the way we are never told in scripture to create, but are told to maintain because the Spirit HAS ALREADY CREATED OUR UNITY IN CHRIST, is on the basis of Christ and His work on the Cross, as Paul said to the Corinthians in the first three chapters of that First Corinthian letter."

A great statement, and one which bloggers all too often take five, maybe ten seconds, to completely ignore.

Aussie John said...


Wise words!

Thanks Bob, for saying what I wanted to say after reading the article :)

Paul Burleson said...

Johnny D,

Thanks and I will. I'm preaching at a church in Norman Oklahoma that Mary and I helped start [just members, I was never pastor] about fifteen years ago. We were with them as members for ten years but are now at another fellowship. They are a great group of progressive minded people in methodology and solid in their biblical positions theologically understanding the New Covenant. It's going to be fun.


Your wit and wisdom are always refreshing. They are always present too. Thanks.

Aussie J,

There are few men with whom I identify more in theology, experience and desires for the Church than you. I'm getting to the place that, when I put up a post, my thought as I post it is.."I wonder what Aussie J will think of this?" I ALWAYS appreciate finding out.

Anonymous said...

I’d like to see a study of Acts 15 and related scriptures from the standpoint if the ‘roots’ of Baptists and Catholics are seen.

But of course you already knew this about me --- right? 

Christiane said...

Dear everyone,

I enjoy this blog, and the people who come here, sometimes agreeing with one another, sometimes disagreeing, but always with grace and with respect.

Believe me, as most of you know, that is not the way of all blogs that Christians visit and host. So, Paul, your blog is a gift that offers sanctuary, and a chance to rest for a while from the fray.

I found a nice prayer to share that I hope brings some goodness to all of you:

"Let nothing trouble you,
let nothing frighten you.
All things are passing;
God never changes.
Patience obtains all things.
He who possesses God lacks nothing:
God alone suffices."

It was written over five hundred years ago in Avila, Spain by a Christian woman named Theresa.
For me, it 'refocuses' when I worry about things and turns me back towards Christ and His Peace.

So don't worry, give thanks instead, for all good things. We Christians were left real peace by Our Lord . . . reach out for it, it's there.

Paul Burleson said...


Good idea, I'll look at doing something on Acts 15. Yes, I did know it about you. LOL


Thank you for a most encouraging comment. Part of the success [whatever or if any] of this blog is the fact that you participate and do it with great spirit AND insight.

Anonymous said...

It’s always a joy to hear from you.

I believe your grandmother’s Baptist faith has been replaced by insecure leadership that demands uniformity by means of coercion.

This morning my cousin, Dan Ray, joined his sister who said in leaving this world 80 years ago, “Mama, which one is our house?”

Dan was first my hero as a lifeguard and a football player; then as a missionary taking up his father’s work in Korea for 39 years.

He knew the IMB (Foreign Mission Board) as a group that sent paychecks; and not as one missionary saying in the Baptist Standard: “They tell us how to breathe.”
His regional director had told him and his wife: “Tonight, I’ll pray, and tomorrow I’ll tell you what God’s will is for your lives.”

Yes, Dan had your grandmother’s beliefs…represented possibly by a coat of Grey while his missionary son wears a coat of Blue.

Paul, looking forward to Acts 15.

Anonymous said...

Don’t mean to hijack but I thought Wade’s post is important enough to send everywhere. I put the following on the Baptist Standard blog:

Is freedom of religion fair for everyone?
written by Rex Ray, August 05, 2011

Once, God told Moses to stop praying and march. I feel the same --- stop praying and vote!

I see freedom of religion for Muslims is the same as freedom of religion for the Trojan Horse.

Check out

On 7-29-11, Islamic Prime Minister of Turkey, Tayyip Erdogan, seized control of the government and the military.

Erdogan is a follower of Fethullah Gulen who is an Islamist and considers himself a prophet. He intends for the entire world to become Islamist and follow Sharia law. He controls 75% of the schools in Turkey plus hundreds of schools in 110 countries worldwide.

In 1971, he was arrested in Turkey for illegal summer camps to indoctrinate youth. In 1998, He escaped to America to avoid his involvement to overthrow Turkey’s pro-American/pro-Israel government.

Now, he lives in Pennsylvania with 100 followers who guard him. He controls $25 billion to run his schools worldwide. He has hundreds of Gulen charter schools in America (36 in Texas). He will soon open a new school, “The Harmony School of Political Science” in Austin, Texas where Muslims will be teachers.

His schools are financed by the American taxpayer and follow state-approved curriculum requirements, but nothing prevents Muslim teachers from using ‘their’ spin.

There will be a protest rally in front of Harmony School of Political Science – Austin, Texas on August 30, 2011, from 9:00 to 10:00 A.M.

By the way, Obama appointed a follower of Gulen, Dalia Mogahed, as his Muslim advisor, and on March 28, 2011, Obama placed our coalition military operations in Libya under NATO control which is partially controlled by Turkey which has the second-largest army in NATO.

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