Thursday, September 03, 2009


I was afraid you might miss this one. DON'T

The Authoritarian Disaster

"Authoritarianism in the church is one of the most serious problems that Christian churches face today. Authoritarian regimes and political machines within Christian churches are not only totally unbiblical, but they empower men to take a church anywhere they wish, bypassing the normal checks and balances found in the Bible. A church that has given control to a single man (often called a Senior Pastor) or to a small group of men (often called a board of elders) is helplessly tossed about in very dangerous waves."

You can read the rest here...

Second part to the John Murray address called "Pastoral Care" next time.

Paul B.


Ramesh said...

CoffeeTrader News & Views > The Authoritarian Disaster.

Aussie John said...


In this country this evil is epidemic, with constitutions written and re-written to accommodate the monstrous regime.

Sadly, the congregations accept it, and even worse, desire it to be so, and encourage it by their acquiescence.

Chris Ryan said...

(read as one severely out of breathe after over exertion)

NOOO... MUST... Fleece... sheep... gotta... keep...... going.... I have.... the power.

Paul Burleson said...


I've been out of pocket but that was too funny to not appreciate even late.