Wednesday, December 31, 2008


I'm sure most of you have seen or heard of the Clint Eastwood movie by the above title. I'm sure you also know that 2008 is coming to an end and 2009 is upon us. Finally, I'm sure most of you haven't a clue as to why I put the two together in this post. I'll try to answer that in the following several parts to this post celebrating the new year.

For many, the end of 2008 will bring a reflection upon the "what was" of that year and some of the "what was" wasn't too good. For many others, the coming of 2009 will bring a resolution of the "what will be" for the new year and many will have a sense of frustration because of the promises past that never came to pass and the "what will be" wound up being the old "what was."

I'm convinced that BOTH reflecting on the old and resolutions for the new CAN be dangerous to our emotional and spiritual health if we're not careful.

I have also personally found that when both are looked at honestly [the past year and the prospective year] we will find a little of the good, the bad, and the ugly mentioned in the title of Eastwood's movie and without that genuine honesty there will be no possibility of a "happy New Year." [Or a living with the old one in peace for that matter.]

I'm aware that only one out of the ten readers of this post may understand or need what I will ultimately say here, [that may be overly optimistic about total readership :)] but it is for that one I will write.

The next segment will come in a couple of days. Then the next.....until I've said it all. I tried to put it in one post and quickly realized I would lose everyone including me in the length of it. So in parts it will come. But it will come.

Next Part 11. Until then.....

Happy New Year

Paul B.


Aussie John said...

The suspense is killing me!

Paul Burleson said...

Aussie J,

This may be a case where the sell is better than the product sold. We'll see. Happy New Year. Mary and I saw you guys celebrating "down under" long before we get a chance to..that time thing. Looked fun.

Anonymous said...

May 2009 be filled with health and the joy of living in the Kingdom!

Paul Burleson said...


Thanks. Right back at you.

Bob Cleveland said...


My hope for the coming year is that we'll have more times to bring Spiritual gain to my soul, such as toasting our Savior over the Breakfast He so graciously gave us that morning.

(My return to full continence would be nice, too....)

Paul Burleson said...


More of those breakfast times together would be one of my desires for the new year also.

I DO hope there is strength being found in your earth suit because you've got a lot of ministry left to accomplish it would seem to me.

But aren't we glad we rest in the hands of a Father who really does know best for evey year.