Monday, November 17, 2008


I have read much of late about how America needs to repent over the abortions that are taking place and the movement toward legitimizing homosexuality and if she doesn't God will judge her and may be doing that now through the economic and political difficulties presently being faced by all Americans. But if America were to repent of doing those kinds of things she would be blessed because God blesses a nation that is righteous.

I certainly respect all believers and others who have a passion for protecting the unborn. I abhor abortion as do many of you I'm confident. I reject homosexuality as a legitimate action as I do adultery and fornication. I also abhor racial and gender hatred that is often seen in America. I also believe certain other things are true were one to think biblical.

One....No nation will be blessed because of righteous acts or judged for unrighteous acts in the present day since all acts outside of Christ are as filthy rags.... [Unrighteous]...and... judgment on that unrighteousness has been taken by Him on the Cross. THAT IS OUR MESSAGE. Blessings flow from having a relationship with the One who did that Cross work on our behalf. For God to bless a nation BECAUSE of righteous deeds would violate what He says about the need of the work of the Cross.

There are natural consequences of good actions for any nation [or bad actions] but that is reaping what is sown. That is the normal process of natural/common law which, partially at least, reflects the nature of God. There is also a common grace He has for the unrighteous. But to define any good deeds as RIGHTEOUS, as I said, and to think of God blessing BECAUSE of performing those deeds is beyond the scripture.

Two....If that Cross event and what was accomplished there is rejected then there has been appointed a day in eternity for judgment and the One has been announced who will do the work of judging all men in that day as He alone can know their heart. [Acts 17:31] So our message is that judgment has ALREADY come [the Cross] and will come in eternity if that Cross message is rejected.

America, Russia, Korea, China, [any nation] will not find favor with God by actions good or bad. It is the gospel message alone that announces from where His Grace and Mercy flow and a revival in the hearts of God's people to share that message is needed, and is, in my opinion, the only TRUE hope of any person on this earth today.

Three....Because I am an American citizen AND I am a believer in that message referenced above, I will work to get civil laws passed that would reflect the sacredness of life and protect the innocent which is what God has established governments to do. [1 Peter 2:12-14] I will work to make as law the natural order of things that make for life as God created it to be in areas like family life, among other areas, for the general well being of the citizens of our nation. Such laws would make for a safe, [punishment of evildoers and protection of the innocent] sane, and free society politically. It would be for the good of the people and the best possible life in a lost and unregenerate world from my perspective. Those are my political goals as a citizen and a believer.

I will also pray for our leaders whomever they might be and I join you, I'm sure, in longing for their hearts to be opened to the Christ of the gospel who WOULD enable a sacredness of life to reign in their minds and hearts as they govern. I know I will also work for the election of those TO govern who share the values by which I live.

Four.... But I will NOT allow my message to become less than the gospel no matter the importance of the wrongs that need to be righted done by nations and their rulers. I will work as a citizen, who is a christian, for fair and just laws with the purpose of making our nation a safe and just place, as I said, for every person, race, gender, and the unborn and elderly. But I will not lose my focus on the fact that our only real hope is in God's ability to change hearts through His Son.

Finally.. This is a difficult balance for me to achieve and a narrow line for me to walk but walk it I must. There is only one holy nation today and only one blessed people today and that is the holy blessed body of believers worldwide [The Church/Body/Bride] many of whom find themselves in difficult national circumstances that demand heartfelt action as a citizen, if there is the freedom to do so. But that action MUST be done without losing the message of hope for all people including leaders. My message must NEVER become an American righteousness instead of Kingdom righteousness. Nor should christians in other nations have a nationalistic message either. What a mess we would create.

May God grant revival to His people, salvation to the lost, and courage to those of us who know Him, that we may love the lost and work against their actions when necessary politically yet all the while presenting them with the Grace of the Cross that has captured us and set us free to love them as we would never be able to do otherwise.

I WILL pray for the President-Elect and I will continue to pray for all elected leaders as well. I will then work, as a citizen, to replace those, by vote, that I believe would not advance what I hold to as the best way of natural life for all American people, even the unborn. But I will not close the door on bringing to them the message that is THEIR only hope by demonstrating a spirit of hatred BECAUSE of their sinful [By my standards as a christian] actions and beliefs. As I said...this is difficult to walk... but our Lord did. He did it in a culture that reflected ALL the biases, hatred, violence, and general disregard for life one can ever imagine. He led the way in personally reflecting the sacredness and value of people regardless of national origin, gender or race, all without losing His focus on the message. Are His servants called on for anything less?

Paul Burleson


Kate Johnson said...

A pastor I know started a daily prayer for our President-Elect, he sends it to his email list encouraging all to join the prayers, and they are prayers for patience, wisdom, Salvation, etc. that we should all be praying for all our leaders. There is nothing in those prayers that smack of partisanship or haughtiness... and I appreciate them.

Strider said...

Thanks Paul, we can always count on you to give us a voice of grace and reason.

Paul Burleson said...


Good for him AND for you. I'm with you both.


Thanks for stopping by. I don't comment often on your blog but read it regularly and really enjoy it. You have a knack for making missions come alive for any fortunate reader of your posts.

Dan Heath said...

Bro. Paul, you have spoken well and articulated clearly the truth as I see it in scripture. Thanks for sharing this wise counsel.

Dan Heath

Paul Burleson said...


Thanks. Watch the weather. Good days could come around and our motorcycles don't need to sit in the garage all winter long. :)

Aussie John said...


Did my heart good. I will send a copy to an Americam friend who is still wringing her hands, and saying "Woe is USA" (not literally).

Paul Burleson said...

Aussie John,

I understand your friend's angst about the election. I did not personally vote for Oboma because of his philosophical and political views as well as some radical associations I believe he has had for years...but... he is the President-elect and that means he is my new President for the next four years.

My confidence in all this is...[Aside from a strong belief that God is the "blesssed controller of ever event" which is the backdrop for my whole life view and having a strong belief that this is a mystery and I am to live responsibly according to the revealed precepts of the scriptures.]...that our process allows another election to take place in four years. If needed, any problems can be addressed by the electorate then. That's the way of the good old US of A.

By the way, I sure do like what little I know and am hearing of the "down under" land. Good to hear from you.

Paul Burleson said...

Oh brother...I'd better learn to spell "Obama" correctly. Maybe by the end of his term I'll have it down. :)

Anonymous said...

Just a comment on the picture on Mary's site. This is how we remember your family...pix was also used in your 25th anniversary service. Amazing how we have all grown......."older????"
Great family pix, congratulations on a great wife and kids.
Ken and Rhonda Colson

traveller said...

As always, good thoughts. Interesting how many people are actually fearful of the new administration. It seems if we truly know we are loved by God them our feared is cast out. Our confidence is not in politicians but the mighty God.