Tuesday, June 10, 2008


All of our children are gifted. Some day I will give case and point for that statement. You would be blessed by each one's unique giftedness.

However, today I highlight one of our two daughter's gift for poetry. The poems I have selected demonstrate the reality of grace and sin that will be present in all of us until Jesus comes to finish the redemption He has begun in us. Enjoy.


You were there all along.
A song
Hidden amidst the dissonance within.
My sin
Drowning out the melody. Too many notes.
So many thoughts. So many questions.
What should I do? Why am I here?
Does anybody love me? Is anybody near?
So much noise and confusion.
And then—an intrusion
Of your love and grace.
Making space.
Cutting away the notes that were wrong.
A song
Emerging from the dark place.
Your grace
Revealing the melody pure and clear.
I can hear!
The melody of your love
Is heard above
All the other notes, now not so many.
Notes that all belong
In a simple song
That one day I will raise
As a SYMPHONY of praise.



There’s a hideous beast inside
Rage is its name
It’s dark and ferocious
Refusing efforts to tame
It rears ugly head
It’s dangerous at times
It knows no boundaries
It crosses all lines
It has to be stopped
To be dealt a death blow
If not, it destroys
All that we know
Who can stop it
This horrible beast
Of all who could do it
I am the least
There’s only one place
That can deal that death blow
To Calvary’s cross
The beast must go
The blood of Jesus
Applied within
Will wipe out the beast
The beast called sin


Paul B.


Anonymous said...

You should write a book on Fatherhood, (in all your spare time! ha!) I admire how you always brag on and encourage your children. I always enjoyed your postings on Wade's blog and how you encouraged him. Having not had that growing up I have to work hard at it with my children...but with God's grace I am getting better!!
Bless you!

Ron Fisher

Paul Burleson said...


Being a father is the greatest achievement of my life. Being a true father is something I came to later than I would have liked.

Were it not for kids who are able and willing to forgive there would not be much I would have to say about being a father. My kids are more than willing. Isn't grace wonderful..especially when it's lived out in your kids.