Saturday, February 09, 2008


I'm aware that I haven't written anything for a couple of weeks and some [my limited but special readership :)] may be wondering if everything is alright especially after the resignation of someone I know well from an equally well known organization.

Things couldn't be better for me.

It is true that my traveling has started again and the past couple of weeks I haven't had my full Internet capabilities every day I was gone. I have one more meeting I'm studying for [It invoves being at Emmanuel in Enid where I always have to be well prepared with new material] which will be a family life conference. Soon there-after I will pick up my posting.

This whole written thought may be a bit presumptuous. You know what I mean. :)

Paul B.


Bob Cleveland said...

If it were to be presumptuous, that would mean nobody would be reading this post, which would make it akin to a self-defeating argument, wouldn't it?

Kevin Bussey said...

Glad to hear you are doing well. I notice.

BTW: OU had a good recruiting class, congrats. We BAMA folks have a lot of respect for Sooners!

Deborah Felts said...

Not presumptious at all, Dear Brother. I was one of the wondering - Deb Felts

Anonymous said...

Glad you are doing well. It is nice to stop by and see something new. Just reinforced my hitting the bookmark each day.....May you be aware of Father's blessing today.

Paul Burleson said...


How right you are. If my presumption WERE to be would be a silent post much as the tree falling alone in a forest where there is no sound. You get me into all kinds of philosophical discussions Bob. :)


NOBODY had a better recruiting class than did BAMA. I predict Alabama and Oklahoma will battle it out for a national championship before very long. Good programs both.

Deb, Good to hear from you and tell that guy your married to I said hello. By the way, stop by here... say hello to Mary. she will be delighted to hear from you. Tell Bob I'll call him soon to check things out.


It's folks like you that keep me writing and being glad I can. Thanks.