Wednesday, January 09, 2008


This is my one hundredth post. Not major on the scale of important things that are news worthy except to me and a handful of others that are close to me.

On this one hundredth post I had intended to continue with the idea of the baggage we tend to bring into relationships but will do that on my one hundredth and one post. On this occasion I wish to suggest you check out Mary's new blog here...

It appears the Burlesons are making an assault on the blogosphere with our sites. [We haven't told you of the other three kids sites which are personal in nature.] In fact, I had a thought that you might wish to, assuming a desire to stay up with any of our blogs, simply put a link entitled "Burleson Blathers" and list any you desire to read regularly under that heading. :)

Seriously, someone might wonder why we each are free to do this. [Speaking here of the more public blogs] Isn't one Burleson blog enough? It may depend on who you ask since some might say one is one too many, but, if you ask me,[thanks for asking] it will be a neat way of getting different perspectives on issues and even differing emphasis. One Burleson blog might be considered the theological and denominational emphasis while another is the practical pastoral ministry direction. Yet another might be seen as a personal and relational emphasis. I'll leave it to you to decide which is which. :)

It will also enable a gender perspective to be presented on some issues, whether those are relational OR theological that is not often heard/read. [Mary knows as much theology as I do.] In a lot of marriages and families, the husband, father, man, seems to be the source of the thoughts, insights, and opinions on whatever is being discussed. This is particularly true among preachers and their families it seems. I realize this may only be a public perception and that privately much more communication and diverse opinions are shared, but, what we will do is just be open and publically present the different ideas that may exist in a family. This seems to us, [Mary and me] as we discussed this on our two-mile walk this morning, to be the healthy and even profitable way of doing it.

I will admit that Mary asked me if her hosting a blog would bother my doing so in any way. I will also admit I had to think about it. But, without having to think too long, [one lap around the mall/we do four] we mutually agreed on the value in it in the ways I've already indicated. And if you heard in what I just said that I gave... or she was asking permission... to do what she's doing... you are one of those I trust will be helped by what I/she will have to say especially about marriage relationships in coming posts. You need it.

So, I welcome "Reality Check" to the blogwaves and will tell you that the author of that blog and I have a thing going. We're more than friends...though we are that.. even best friends...and what we have going with each other will be left unsaid so my one hundredth post will not be banned with an R rating. :)


Debbie Kaufman said...

Paul: When you mentioned Mary asked you if hosting a blog would bother you, I understand it was not to ask your permission, but out of the mutual respect you have for each other. It was due to your relationship being more important than blogging. I did the same with Merrill. I outlined the situation, told him what I felt God was calling me to do, but to let Merrill know that his feelings were very important to me. If he objected or had reservations that was important for me to know. I then would not do it. He didn't. I began. :) It's mutual respect and love for the one we are joined with. I admire that.

Chuck Andrews said...


Congratulations on post #100! We, the readers, have been blessed and look forward to the next hundred.

Ohhhh, the good old days when wives asked for permission.

Kind of like being a teenager – I learned a lot but I’m glad those days are passed and I wouldn’t want to return to them.

Thanks, Paul.


Paul Burleson said...


What is it that Wade says??? "You nailed it" I think is one of his favorite phrases. did just that.

Mary and I have come to the position you've described so well between you and Merrill and sometimes I forget it's not the normal. But I've pastored..counseled..and blogged too long to not realize the opposite is in play so much of the time. Thanks for weighing in with good thoughts as usual.


Yea..I remember those good old days when a woman served her man and appreciated his need for peace and quiet with the boys playing cards and hunting and fishing and stuff and she would do what God wanted her to do and have his dinner ready when he got home from his hard life out in the world. I even remember the days when her man would jiggle his ice tea glass and it was enough to let any God-fearing woman know there was another spiritual task she was to do...get her man his fresh glass of tea.

Whatever happened to those good old biblical days. Our society has gone to hades in a hand basket and the Church ain't hepped thangs much don't you agree. ;)

Alycelee said...

I love the 'jiggling ice tea glass'
Just before Mackey and I married, we went to a family dinner at his parents house. The men really did do this

I lovingly communicated that this probably would not happen in our home. However, after almost 40 years, I love to fill his glass and he seems to love not to require it.
Can't wait till the next post.

Paul Burleson said...


I'm embarrassed to admit that the tea glass was a PERSONAL TESTIMONY. Can you believe that? That is EXACTLY what I used to do when we were first married. It was what we brought to the table when we married 49 years ago at 18 and 17. I'll be saying more about that when I deal with my baggage in later posts.

Great news on what you and Mackey are being moved by the Spirit into as ministry. Keep us up to date.

Rebel4Reality said...

Hey, Handsome, So you're revealing one of our marital collusive games, namely filling tea glasses. May we always remember it takes two to play the games, so though you may have "rattled," I played the game also.

I refuse to let you be the "bad guy," without my being identified as a "bad girl" if we need to go there. And not only did I act that way, I also taught it. Yikes!

Aren't we glad we once were blind, but now we see in many areas. Wonder how many more areas we're going to have new insights. Many, I hope.

Life is a wonderful adventure when shared with you. Signing off before too many readers do the "gag" thing. ;-) MB

Paul Burleson said...


Let em "gag" keep talking. :)